038: Breaking the News – Chapter 3 [Podcast]

Have you ever had to be the bearer of bad news? Did it make it more difficult knowing the one on the receiving end might be devastated? Today, we will dive into Chapter 3 of the new book I’m writing called The Gift – What You Have That the Richest Man Can’t Buy. This is a story for anyone who wants to discover their unique gift so they can bless others.

The Gift What You Have That the Richest Man Can't Buy

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Breaking the News

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Walking in the front door of his home, Mack surprised everyone with his early arrival. His two kids came running to the front door as always. He remembered when Amy would come to the door with just as much enthusiasm. Lately it seemed as though he always had to initiate the first hello.

While she was a bit surprised to see him home early, she didn’t really question him as to why. Mack tried his best to put a smile on his face for his kids but he was definitely not smiling on the inside.

Thoughts of the future scared him.

Would he ever overcome all these challenges, he wondered. Coming back to reality, he noticed his two kids tugging at his shirt wanting to go outside and play. Mack wasn’t really up for it, but he obliged. The last thing he wanted was for the kids to feel any of the weight that he was under. He wanted to keep life as normal as possible for them. They were certainly a handful though.

His daughter Kayla was five years old and full of life. She was in charge and everyone knew it. The only reason she got away with it was because she was so adorable. Mack’s son Jordan was only three years old but had his own little personality. Jordan genuinely thought he was a superhero and that the fate of the universe was in his hands. He was easily excitable and always positive. He reminded Mack of Amy’s personality at least before everything started heading down hill.

Literally being dragged outside, Mack went out to play with his kids. Kayla wanted to ride her bike and Jordan wanted to throw football. Even though Jordan could barely catch, he tried anyhow. His favorite was hiking the football but it never went very far.

At least the weather is nice today, thought Mack. Is this the best it will get for me? After all what dad is out throwing football with is kids in the middle of a workday? Mack wondered.

Still Mack managed somehow to get focused back on his kids again. He was determined to set aside his troubles and just enjoy the moment for a little while. It was actually a little bit of medicine for him. They played tackle football in the front yard for what seemed like an hour. They laughed and climbed on top of Mack just to make sure he was in fact “tackled.”

Finally, suppertime came so they all went inside. At the dinner table the kids talked a lot but not much interaction was happening between Amy and Mack. Mack kind of enjoyed sitting together with everyone at the dinner table. He sort of forgot what it felt like. He had been working so many long hours at work that he could not remember the last time he was home for supper.

He still hadn’t really decided how he was going to tell Amy that he lost his job. After dinner, Amy took the kids upstairs to get a bath and get ready for bedtime. Mack sat in his usual chair reading the newspaper. He silently turned over to the classifieds section to see what job openings might be available.

Not a single job looked all that interesting to him. He even doubted that any of them could even pay him what he needed to survive. They were already two mortgage payments behind on their house and he was wondering how that was going to turn out. Money lately was too much to think about. Denial was a much easier route to take. Although it didn’t solve anything, not looking at the budget or bills until he absolutely had to seemed like a better plan.

He even cringed every time he logged into his bank account online. The remaining balance was always much less than he thought. There was even times that he wished a few thousand dollars would just magically appear in his bank account unexpected. But that was never the case.

After finishing the paper he headed upstairs to tell the kids goodnight. He gave each of them a big hug, kiss and headed off to his bedroom. He jumped onto the bed and turned on the TV. Still having no real plan for telling Amy, he decided that watching some television would be a good distraction for him. After about thirty minutes, Amy walked into the bedroom.

“Kids asleep?” Mack asked.

“Mmm..Hmm,” was Amy’s reply. Mack muted the television. “Amy we need to talk,” Mack said with a deep breath. “You lost your job today didn’t you?” Amy replied while taking her jewelry off for the night with her back still turned away from Mack.

“Yes….but how did you know?”

“Mack, you were home at 2:30 in the afternoon. When is the last time you were even home before it got dark?”

“Wait a minute….I’ve been working hard to provide for you and the kids,” Mack said in a defensive voice.

“We don’t want your money, we want YOU!” She said with tears in her eyes. “Actually, I am not even sure if I want you…but I at least want the kids to know who their Father is,” Amy continued.

“Hey, now wait a minute. I just spent the whole afternoon playing with them outside!” Mack said passionately.

“Let’s just go to bed. I’m too tired for this right now,” Amy said in a frustrated tone as she climbed into bed.

Mack reached over and turned out the lights. They only had a queen sized bed but it seemed like there was a great gulf between them as he tried to get some rest.

What a day, he thought as he took a deep breath. I wonder what tomorrow has in store. Even better, maybe I will wake up and realize this was just a bad dream. Mack rolled to his side away from Amy and fell asleep.

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You’ve been reading an excerpt of a new book I’m writing entitled: The Gift – What You Have That the Richest Man Can’t Buy. If you would like to download the first 4 chapters of the book or join our “inner circle” on Facebook (a community of gift seekers) then click here to learn more.






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