#10: Assuming That Changing Habits is Difficult

All of us have times when we look at our life and wish things were different. This is especially true during times when a significant discouragining event takes place. We begin what is often referred to as the downward spiral. Oftentimes we magnify anything that might be potentially negative in our life. Do you remember playing with dominoes as kids? We used to stack a long row of dominoes in one end and watch one topple another all the way down the line.

This is what we can do in life. While we may have things that are in need of change we often make the situation so much more difficult. Because of one negative event we one assume that our whole life is falling apart. For example, if someone loses their job it begins to effect other areas of their life. They begin to lose confidence and begin to get lazy. They look to comfort foods to help them cope. They no longer exercise and their bad attitude begins to take a toll on relationships. This is what leads us to the last mistake we make in changing our habits and behaviors.

Habit Mistake #10: Assuming That Changing Habits is Difficult

What we do is we make changing habits so much more difficult than it really needs to be. Sure there is some habit gravity in play like we have mentioned in a previous post, but we often magnify the difficulty be teen our own to ears. The television show the Biggest Loser is a great example of this truth. The overweight contestants have lived a sedentary life for so long that they doubt their ability to do certain physical activities. They have to believe the trainers before they can believe in theirselves.

What often happens is that we magnify the difficulty because it makes for a convenient excuse. The more difficult that it looks the more reasons that we can come up with for not changing. I say this because it is what I have done. Often the mental hurdles are what holds us back. The actual changing of the habit is not as difficult as it seems.

This is why setting short term goals can work so well because it allows you to get over the mental challenges.

Questions: Have you ever found yourself to be in a downward spiral? What did you do to get yourself out of the rut?


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