2 Job Search iPhone Apps You Should Know About

The following story was submitted to me by James Salvato, a Small Business Consultant (see his bio below). I am always on the lookout for job search iphone apps and he introduces two in the story below. While James was using the apps for general networking purposes, I think it can be a useful tool for job searching as well (Take it away James!)

It is 12:15 and I’m sitting at a local Panera Bread chowing down at on a turkey sandwich with an iced tea. I’m half way through it before I’m interrupted by someone who smiles and extends his hand.

As I get up and introduce myself, I extend my right hand to shake his while getting a business card out with my left to give to him. It looks like he is doing the same as well. Today I am having lunch with an IT Director of a transportation company.

2 Job Search iPhone Apps You Should Know About

job search iphone AppsThe meeting was arranged by an app that is based off of the Linkedin platform known as “LunchMeet.” LunchMeet is a program that lets participating individuals have an opportunity to sit down for lunch together.

All one has to do is select when they are available for lunch and find someone within a certain radius who is also available around the same time and select them to invite. The program is still new so the pool of professionals currently using this program is still pretty limited.

At around 1:00, my contact and I decided to call it a day. He left me his card and he left with mine. I placed his card down at the table, took out my iphone and took a picture of the card using yet another app known as CardMunch.

This program not only takes a picture of the business card, after a few moments it includes all detail information into your Contacts file of your phone. It also includes the option to invite the person on Linkedin. All of which of course I did.

LunchMeet and CardMunch both are business apps that come in high regard. One app appeals to the old salesperson saying “never eat lunch alone” while the other appeals to simplification of data (and better use of those business cards lying around). Both job search iphone apps are free and both of which I give 5 stars.

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