3 Keys When Opportunity Knocks – Are You Prepared for Opportunity?

I enjoy talking about people who have been successful with a great idea or business. I guess everyone loves a winner, right? Soon after I have described someone’s success I will often hear someone attribute that success to good fortune, luck or being in the right place at the right time.

prepared for opportunity

This may seem true for many examples, but sometimes I wonder. “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity”, is a quote by Brian Tracy, or whomever said it first. If it’s about preparation and opportunity than it really isn’t luck in the first place. So are you prepared for opportunity?

This week while driving from Kansas City back to Minnesota, I was listening to a podcast. The woman being interviewed was Julie Busha, the owner of a company that makes “Slawsa”.

when opportunity knocksSlawsa is a condiment that that combines coleslaw and salsa into a great topping for burgers, hotdogs, or any type of grilling. It is an old family recipe that she decided to bring to market and is already in 4200 stores nationwide. While the product itself is awesome, what really impressed me was what she said about her own preparation for success.

Here are some of the things that Julie described as being reasons for her success with her current business opportunity. She said that fiscal responsibility made it possible to create the new product called Slawsa.

Both Julie and her husband graduated from college with zero debt. They were careful not to take on too much of a mortgage. They have never paid a dime in credit card interest, and they have always saved money for retirement, even right out of college.

These were the decisions that helped them to be ready for a business opportunity when it came. Julie said that you can’t depend on the government to be there for you. You need to prepare and plan for your own future.

3 Keys When Opportunity Knocks – Are You Prepared for Opportunity?

So how does fiscal responsibility affect opportunity? Here are some ideas:

Opportunities show up at any time

You never know when a piece of land is going to come up for sale at a sweet price. It will get sold to the one who can pull the trigger quickly. Often times this is a person with a large savings or with access to liquid capital.

I have a friend that has been able to pay cash for land when it becomes available. He is able to sell off the portions he doesn’t need and keeps what he wants. He has been able to do this because a few years ago, he was intentional about getting out of debt. Isn’t that awesome?

Writing a check from your own bank account for land! He may appear lucky, but in reality, he was prepared! This is about having a long term financial perspective, rather than a short term, immediate gratification perspective. It’s about preparation.

Opportunities may require mobility

It is common for opportunities to appear in another state or in an area that will require you to relocate. If this happened to you today, how long would it take you to move? Would it even be possible? In Julie’s interview, she described how she and her husband were offered homes that were far more expensive than they were willing to pay, even though they were “qualified” to purchase them.

In today’s world a huge portion of the US population couldn’t move if they wanted to because they purchased too much house in the first place. Your level of fiscal responsibility affects your mobility.

Opportunities sometimes require quick cash

You have heard the stories. A family is moving and they need to sell a car today. It’s a nice older model car worth $5,000 but they are willing to take $2,500 just to get rid of it. Could you pull together two thousand dollars before someone else does, to make the deal? The customer with cash first wins the deal and drives away with the chance to make an extra $2,500 in a few short weeks.

If this is you, are you lucky or are you prepared for opportunity? How is your short term savings? Do you have the ability to take advantage of small profitable opportunities when they happen?

I want you to be the one to take a great job offer on the east coast. I want you to be prepared for the land deal of the decade when it happens. It’s not about luck. Opportunities happen every day, and the ones who are prepared are blessed by them. I hope the next time it’s you!

Question: How are you currently preparing for opportunity? Please comment below.

Guest Post: Duane (Rocky) Rockensock is a husband, a dad, and an employer in Owatonna, MN. Since he was a teenager, Rocky has loved hearing the stories of how people have started creative businesses or found ways to use their talents to accomplish amazing things. For that reason he started WorkYouCanLove.com  to encourage teens and adults to find their purpose and to provide the tools and resources to make that happen!

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    One thought on “3 Keys When Opportunity Knocks – Are You Prepared for Opportunity?

    1. Rocky, Great story about Lisa. I wish I had been that smart just out of school. Even so, it is never too late to learn!

      The one comment you wrote that resonates with me, and has become a life’s mission is “Your level of fiscal responsibility affects your mobility.” When I finally understood this it was a pivotal moment.

      Our attachment to things, be they our cars, houses, or just our stuff, is a great weight that can hold us back and create fear lest we loose them.

      I took the decision to releive myself of attachment to anything, including, and especially, my house. So I gave it back!

      That’s a radical decision, and not for the faint of heart, but it has allowed me to pursue opportunities much more speedily and without desperation.

      Thanks for sharing!