3 Powerful Questions That Will Boost Your Performance This Week

Every Sunday night, I like to take a few moments and plan out my week. This helps me to establish my priorities and make sure the important things remain the important things.

how to boost your performance

While it is not a super-structured checklist, it usually involves a combination of the following items.

  • A week view of my calendar and appointments
  • A closer look at my top 5 projects and when I plan to work on them
  • An overview of my editorial calendar for creating my blog posts and podcasts
  • A quick view of my unfinished tasks and which one need to be labelled “this week” so they get done.

While it may sound like a lot, the above checklist can be completed in around 10-20 minutes. I also like to have a series of questions that I can ask myself to be sure I’m moving in the direction I want to go with my life.

If you need a jump start, here are a few great questions that can help you boost your performance this week:

1. Where do I need to be more intentional?

Are you just coasting in life? The danger of drifting is the subtleness. It sneaks up on us and years can go by before we realize we’ve been on autopilot for far too long.

The answer is to choose a specific area of your life and decide to be more intentional. Where can being more intentional improve your life?

Maybe you need to focus on being more purposeful in your relationships, finances, health, or career. Just pick one and do one thing this week that will make you more intentional. Be aware of the danger of the drift. Choose to be more intentional about your life.


2. What do I need to turn into a habit?

What area of your life would make the biggest difference if you made it a simple habit?  Is it a morning walk, an exercise routine, a daily Bible reading habit, a weekly date night with the wife or a game night with the family? Good habits can pull you in the direction you want to go.

Don’t like the results you are getting in your life? Change your habits. One of my favorite quotes comes from Derek Franklin, who said “You will never change your life until you change what you do on a daily basis.”


3. Where do I need to be more flexible?

Have you figured out yet that life doesn’t go according to plan? The attitude of a champion is learning to be flexible when things don’t go your way. Most of the time God is more interested in who you are becoming than what you are doing or where you are going.

What if you had the ability to see your best next move in the interruptions of life? I’m not talking about the daily distractions of life, but what you do when a door closes. Study the lives of successful people and you will be hard pressed to find one whose “Plan A” worked. Those who most often succeed are the ones who are good at executing “Plan B”.

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Question: Which of the above questions challenges you the most? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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    1. I struggle with where do I need to be more intentional. I’ve formed such a habit with blogging, it’s hard to see where I need to grow into.