3 Powerful Reasons You Need to Be in a Mastermind Group

In 2010, on this very blog I created an 16-week online course for job seekers. It was my first real attempt at creating passive income beyond Google Adsense. While I had surveyed my audience to understand their needs, I still had many self-limiting doubts on how I was going to pull this off.

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Some of the thoughts I had were:

  • You don’t have enough readers and subscribers to do this
  • You lack the technical skills to do this well
  • You are just wasting your time

So, I delayed.

For a few months I listened to those self-limiting thoughts. Finally, I had the courage to launch out and was blown away by the results. Looking back, I think (um..I know) things would have been different had I come out from isolation and into community. The community I’m talking about is a mastermind group.

I’ve accomplished more in the past 18 months with a mastermind group then the 4 years prior as a blogger without a mastermind group.

Michael Nichols – Grow on Purpose

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One of the people I consider to be a mentor is Michael Nichols. You can find and follow him at MichaelNichols.org. His blog will encourage you to grow on purpose at home, work, and as a leader of people.

Mike is in my mastermind group and I’m thankful for the insight he brings to the entire group. He was nice enough to share a few of the powerful reasons he is in a mastermind group.



I loved the reasons Mike shared in this video so much I decided to elaborate more below.

1. Knowledge

As Mike mentioned, the collaborative knowledge a mastermind group can have is invaluable. Just having each person share what’s working well in their business is powerful enough! Shared experience can be a powerful tool to launch your message. As Michael said, “All of us are smarter than any one of us.”

2. Support

All of us come from a place of uncertainty. Even the gurus you follow feel like they’re out of sorts at times. Feedback, insights, re-direction, and encouragement can help you get unstuck faster than anything. You get all of this from a mastermind group.

3. Results

We all want results. Most of the time we are standing in our way. We have doubts, fears, uncertainty, and lack of confidence. We all have lids on our potential that only others can lift for us.

For me, results come from making myself vulnerable enough to ask for accountability. When I press forward past my fears and insecurities because I’ve been prompted to by someone who cares about me, amazing results begin to flood into my life and business.

I want the same for you!

mastermind main video pic thumbnail 200I’m so passionate about mastermind groups that I think every person should be in one. I’ve created an entire online course (over 35+ videos) on how you can launch and grow your business by starting a mastermind group.

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