3 Quick Tips for Using the Wheel of Life Template

The wheel of life template is a popular coaching tool in helping clients see the big picture. The wheel of life exercise is often given so the individual can visually see the satisfaction levels of the different areas of their life. If you have never completed one of these exercises, consider downloading the Wheel of Life Template PDF.

wheel of life template

Step one. Select 8 core areas of your life. These are the most important areas of your life that bring you meaning and fullfilment. A few examples might include: personal development, fitness/health, career, family, friends, finances, spiritual life, recreation, etc. Place one theme in each section as you go around the circle.

Step two. Plot your level of satisfaction in each area (score of 1 puts you near the center, while a high satisfaction in that area would be a ten reaching the outer circle). Go around to each of the 8 themes selected earlier and plot your score in each.

Step three. Connect your points and shade in the center area of each section. The power in this exercise is the visual representation that we can see in the areas of neglect. Many coaches use this tool to teach how we need to balance all 8 areas. While this sounds great in theory, it doesn’t necessarily work out in the real world. Here are 3 quick tips to help you get the most out of this exercise.

3 Quick Tips for Using the Wheel of Life Template

1. Achieving total life balance is a myth. The truth is you will live out of balance for awhile in order to do anything worthwhile.

The truth is you will live out of balance for awhile in order to do anything worthwhile. (click here to tweet this quote)

When we place a high priority on everything, nothing ever really gets momentum. If you feel like a 10 in your health & fitness category and a 1 in relationships, the solution may not be to throw out your fitness habit (lowering your health) in order to do relationships better.

2. Place a focus on counterbalancing. In the book The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results, author Gary Keller talks about the art of counterbalancing. Counterbalancing gives the illusion of balance. It starts with awareness and you inherently know you cannot neglect any of your core areas for too long.

3. Awareness is the essential tool. This wheel of life exercise is more about where you are placing your priorities. If you place a high priority on relationships, you should being spending time there. While you might be spending heavy hours working on a deadline for work, strategically place vacation time on your calendar after the big project in order to counterbalance your efforts.

Question: What is your take on work/life balance and how do you spend time in the core areas of your life? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


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    1. That is a great visual representation. My career and family life are just about where I want them, but I need to work on my physical health. It’s always a challenge to balance the most important aspects of our lives. -Brad, AIM