3 Reasons Why You May Need to Create Your Dream Job

While it is under-the-radar, I am seeing a shift in the American Workforce. More and more people are creating their dream job instead of trying to find it. In a bit, I am going to share with you 3 specific reasons as to why you may have a hard time finding your dream job. Your answer might be to create your dream job.

You will need to shift your thinking to really grab a hold of the message being presented here. For many years, we have enjoyed the age old wisdom of go to school, get a degree, and find a stable job. What we have discovered is that if your life can change suddenly based on one decision, you might be in trouble. Many of Americans have experienced this with layoffs, downsizing or restructuring.

Just the other day, I met someone who literally had been laid off 4 times in a row. He was never fired in any of the situations. Just for one reason or another the company he was working for decided the need to layoff people.

When your livelihood is one executive decision away from disaster, I call that risk.

I recently came across a powerful quote that says:

“My generation had it easy. We got to “find” a job. But, more than ever, our kids will have to “invent” a job.” – Tony Wagner

Personally, I think the timeline is speeding up to our generation. The good news is there has never been a better time to create your dream job. Thousands of people every month are exchanging the cubicle for the home office. Maybe you should too.

In the days ahead, I plan to share with you the path to owning your own portable business, but for now let’s look at 3 reasons why you may need to create your dream job instead of trying to find one. I am going to use a recent article from business insider entitled: Profits Just Hit Another All-Time High, Wages Just Hit Another All-Time Low. 

Reason #1: Corporate profits have reached an all-time high – Companies are cutting costs any and every which way they can. In fact, company profits have never been higher. I don’t know about you, but this statistic begs a question: “Why are so many people struggling to find work when corporate profits have never been higher? The answer is simple. They have figured out how to get more done while spending less (including salaries).

pic 1

Reason #2: Income wages have hit another all-time low – Companies are sharing less profits with employees than ever before. As you can imagine, this is causing all kinds of problems in the economy. The average American has less spending power to make the whole economic engine run. One answer is to go out and create wealth by serving others through creating your own business. When you have control over your own w-2, you become empowered.

pic 2

Reason #3: Fewer Americans are working than at any time in 30 years – The chart below tells us the real picture. It just might be easier to create a job than to find it. I am not saying that becoming self-employed is easy because it does require hard work. The point I am trying to make is that the safe, secure and easy route might not be traditional employment for you.

pic 3


Question: Which of the above statistical facts concern you the most? Please share in the comments below. 

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    4 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why You May Need to Create Your Dream Job

    1. Actually I have a related theory. I believe that going everyday to office for food, clothing and shelter sucks. If humans are so intelligent, why don’t we make a system where in these 3 basic needs are guaranteed to us. Then we will be free to do those work that we find interesting.
      Or we can have an alternate system where we can choose the number of days that we want to spend in office with a reduced salary. Like I would choose to work 4 days out of 7 and I would spend the remaining three days of the week for my research. Besides increasing the happiness quotient of the people, it would provide employment to other people at the same time.

      • I agree. It is interesting to me how most of education is related to knowledge in working a traditional job.