037: 3 Simple Actions to Simplify Your Life Today! [Podcast]

Today’s tips are not about how to better organize the garage or what you should do with your husband’s baseball card collection. I want to talk about you and what’s happening on the inside.

3 Simple Actions to Simplify Your Life Today!

Sure it is good to simplify your environment and the areas in which you live. Sometimes living in a messy environment adds to your psyche and can quickly discourage you. I want to talk today about simplifying life on the inside.  Which is the best way to simplify your life in general.

Everything begins on the inside. How you view your life and if you have real joy is coming from the inside. Your ability to get things done on the outside is directly linked to your ability to focus on the inside.  Follow these steps and discover how to simplify your life.

3 Simple Actions to Simplify Your Life Today


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1. Reduce the Intake

We are bombarded on a consistent basis with information overload. Don’t get me wrong, information is power, but too much information is robbing us from being great and doing great things.

I have a bent for learning. In fact, when I took a Strength Finders test, Learning was at the top. I am not saying that you are better off to remain ignorant in life.

All I am saying is that how you simplify your life is to reduce the volume of information that you allowing yourself to take in. It is no different then eating too much. We walk around with brain indigestion and bloated thoughts. Find an area in your life where you taking in too much information and do something refreshing instead.

2. Reduce the Distractions

Your ability to focus on a single task is absolutely critical if you are going to be successful. Do you find yourself constantly pulled in many directions? I know I do. If you are going to simplify your life you have got to figure out how to reduce the distractions that surround you. It is not always easy to do, but it can be done.

  • Have more awareness. Most of us do not realize how many times we are stopping a task to start another one. We are like the circus act of “spinning plates.” We operate everyday in emergency mode. Whichever plate is wobbling the worse gets our attention and then onto the next plate and the next plate. It never stops until our work day is done.
  • Grab a notepad. This particular technique has worked well for me. Basically, whenever something comes to my mind with the potential to distract me, then I write whatever is nagging me on the notepad and determine to forget about it until I am done with what I am doing.
  • Get a timer. This is the one tip that has absolutely catapulted my productivity and kept me from distractions. Being a super competitive person, I want to accomplish the task before the timer goes off. It helps me to focus and avoid distractions and just simply take action. I like to use the timer over at focusatwill.com.

3. Reduce the Output

Now this is the one that many people fight against. We think that the more things we are involved with the more things we are getting done. However, a divided focus never stands. When your mind is cloudy with too many priorities at the same it is difficult to see any significant progress.

We mistakenly believe that the more we are multi-tasking the more we are getting done, but that just isn’t true. Jumping from one unfinished task to the next will actually drain you mentally.

See my post: How to Stop Multitasking Once and For All

Instead choose one major task that you can put 100% focus on and you will see unbelievable results. It just feels better to move one thing from 0% completion to 80% completion then it does to see a 5% increase on 10 different things.

Give yourself a personal challenge this week and choose to sharpen your focus and resist the urge to multi-task and you will see what I mean. These are the exact steps that I have used to simplify my life.


Question: What are some ways you have simplified your life on the inside? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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    5 thoughts on “037: 3 Simple Actions to Simplify Your Life Today! [Podcast]

    1. Great blog! Thanks for the ideas. I’m going to use that stopwatch one idea in two was. 1) Use it as you said, to compete against the clock. 2) To use it to reduce distractions by committing to working on a single task for a certain amount of time before checking for that email I’ve been waiting for or returning that text. I also need to reduce my intake and focus more on what’s important.

      That notepad idea is great too but I never was one for caring one around a notepad with a little pen, but my phone has an app for voice memos. I need to utilize that to record ideas instead feeling the need to distract myself from what I am doing to act on the idea that just popped in my head.

    2. For me a way to simplify my life on the inside is a time each morning where i take my anxieties to God. I know that if I am in Christ that Christ is in me and that that allows me to place my burdens on God. On the days I’m not able to do this I am always much more anxious.
      Great Post!

      • Absolutely…also knowing the difference between incoming producing activities and low producing activities that we can waste time on is important as well.