3 Ways to Discover Your Natural Management Style

What are your preferred work styles? What is your preferred management style? Whether you realize it or not you gravitate toward them. Do you know what they are? We all have different approaches to the way we go about our work.

The truth is there are more than 3 preferred work styles, but as you will see there is a good chance you fall strongly into one of the three. These 3 preferred work styles come from a test called the Birkman Method. While I have taken many assessment test in my day, the Birkman clearly stands out as a winner in my book. The combination of these 3 preferred work styles will make up your natural management style.

The actual Birkman test will give you a number between 1-10 in each of the 3 areas I am about to share with you. For now, I want you to do a self assessment and rate yourself between a 1-10 on each.

Work Style #1: Knowledge Specialist

discover your natural management styleIf you are high in this area, then you need all of the facts before you can just step out or step up and talk about a topic. Maybe you fear you will be found out for what you do not know. Maybe you need all of the facts before you have enough confidence to act authoritative.

If you are low in this area, then you do not mind at all being thrust into the spotlight even if you do not have all of the facts. You are great at “winging it” or going with the flow. We’ll figure it out as we go along is your mantra. Which one are you? Rate yourself between 1-10.

Work Style #2: Directive Management

If you are high in this preferred work style, then you have a hard time letting go of things. “If I want this to get done right, I might as well do it myself.”

Have you ever caught yourself saying this?

This is the reason it is hard for you to give things up. You lead from the front and want direct involvement in problem solving, implementing, and controlling. Rate yourself now.

Work Style #3: Delegative Management

A high number in this area means that you want to get stuff done and solve problems through people. You love to delegate. This can be both good and bad.

It can be good because you allow others the freedom to do what they need to do to complete a project. On the other hand, people under you can become frustrated when you try to solve problems through others instead of handling it directly.

Your Preferred Management Style

Taking all 3 into account will help you to see how you naturally approach your work. When given a project in the context of a team environment, you will gravitate toward managing others by how you are wired. This is why having a better understanding of who you are can help you in managing your career.

Question: Which preferred work style mentioned above relates to you the most? Share it with us in the comments below. 
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