3 Ways to Discover Your Personal Strengths

Discovering your personal strengths is one of the best investments that you can make. Sure it will require your to look introspectively at your life. Yes, it may require you to spend some money to either get some coaching or take some assessment testing. Whether it is taking a DISC profile, the color personality testing, or more advanced test like the Birkman. Personal development should be high on your radar.

It amazes me how we by nature just follow the money. Don’t get me wrong, I think it can be just as foolish to follow your heart if you do not have a plan in place. I want to present you a different starting place. Start where your personal strengths, passions and skills lie.

Here are several different ways that you can begin to discover your personal strengths.

3 Ways to Discover Your Personal Strengths

  1. Take a personal strengths assessment test from StrengthsFinder 2.0 – This test was incredibly insightful for me. It really nailed me and my strengths. It confirmed my suspicions and gave me the confidence to keep moving forward.
  2. Take the Birkman Strengths Assessment Testing. This is not cheap but it is the best in my opinion. You will not be disappointed with the amount of information that you receive from taking this test. It identified for me my natural strengths, my basic needs, potential areas of stress behavior, and best career fits. I used a Birkman consultant who walked me through my scores. If you want to connect with the same person I used, then get in touch with me because you can get a cheaper price then what is presented on the website.
  3. CareerPlanner.com has a great free personality test that you can take. Your personality plays a larger role in the satisfaction of your career than you may ever realize. Personality testing can begin to clue us into the environments that draw out the best work in us. This personality test is a great place to start.

The above resources are the ones that I personally recommend to my coaching clients when they want to focus on discovering their personal strengths. Take some time to explore the above resources are start moving your career in the direction of your natural strengths and abilities.

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