4 Killer Follow Up Emails When You’ve Heard Nothing After the Interview

Alright, the interview went well but it has been two weeks and you have heard nothing. You even wrote a nice job interview thank you letter.

follow up email after interview

Now, you are scratching your head right? What do you do when you haven’t heard back after the interview? How could everything be so positive and then just silence. Have you been there before? You are not really sure what to do but you are still definitely interested. So, you think: “What do I have to lose?”

Well, before bugging the heck out of them with daily phone calls, I want to offer you 4 different killer follow-up letters that you can use to gauge if there is still a pulse. While it is not a bad practice to mail a follow up letter after the interview, I highly recommend that you use these letters as an email.

An interview follow up letter can be incredibly powerful. The reason why I suggest the email follow-up is because it makes it easier for the Hiring Manager to reply (either good or bad). In other words, if you are out of the mix, he can easily take you off the hook if he wanted to.

No response could still mean there is a pulse and a positive response allows you to reply back and reinforce an interest. This is why a follow up email after interview is so important.

Also, it opens a dialog and as long as there is 2 way communication there is a pulse. You can still choose to use the below examples as a follow up letter after interview but I think they work best as an email in my experience.

Day 29 – How to Write a Follow Up Email After Interview: 4 KILLER FOLLOW-UP EMAILS

Now, I would not recommend sending every single one of these follow-up emails. The interview follow up email needs to be personalized and specific. You need to determine which one below is most appropriate for your situation. Always remember that there is a fine line between moving things in a positive direction and de-railing the whole process.

Use common sense to determine what is appropriate. Also, these emails are to be used after you have done the initial thank you notes and some time has past. Pick the follow up interview email that works best for you. Also, if you want pointers on proper ways to follow up, read my post about thank you letters.

1. Is the Position Still Available Email (Follow up email after interview no response)

Here is a good follow up interview letter that you can use in order to get a pulse as to what is going on. If you are not sure which one of the four to use then I would go with this one.

It basically is asking for information as it relates to the open position that you interviewed for. Feel free to tailor the wording to your liking as it might be a bit bold for some, but this will give you a general feel for the type of follow-up letter that you can use.

Mr. Smith,

It has been ________(NUMBER) weeks since we last spoke about your company’s _______________(TITLE) position. At that time, you mentioned you would be making a decision soon. As I have not yet heard back from your company, I am unsure if I am still under consideration for this position or if the position has been filled. If the position is still open, I would like to again express my interest in working with you at _______________(COMPANY).

Once again, if you are looking for a performance-oriented person to fill a position in your _______________(DEPARTMENT), my experience is broad-based and will provide a valuable contribution to the right position. I am a self-motivated individual seeking a challenging position that utilizes my strengths and abilities.

Perhaps it may be worthwhile to meet once again and explore the many ways in which I could benefit your company? If you agree, I can be reached at _______________(PHONE/E-MAIL).


Brad Mills

2. Request another Interview Email

This one is a bit bolder than the other approaches. If used in the right setting, it can work very well. It is simple and straightforward post interview email in which you can ask for a second interview. It also lets the other party know that you are interested in the opportunity.

Mr. Smith,

My interest in working for _______________(COMPANY) and the _______________(DEPARTMENT) has increased tremendously since my interview with _______________(NAME) two weeks ago. You are obviously looking for a dedicated professional who can make a difference on the team. I am looking for a team that pushes the limits of what can be accomplished. Our objectives seem perfectly aligned.

As you mentioned in our interview, you need people who can think and act quickly in tight situations and who can deal with a variety of different types of personnel. Throughout my career, I have been recognized by supervisors for carrying twice the workload of most employees. I am proficient in time management, quick to learn new tasks, and have accomplished noted achievements in professional areas requiring diplomacy, confidentiality, and/or sensitivity.

I’ve included an updated copy of my resume so you can review once again my experience and capabilities. I would welcome the opportunity for another personal meeting and believe that it would really give you the opportunity to judge my _______________(FIELD) abilities.


Brad Mills

3. Portfolio for Your Review Included Email

This can be used as an opportunity to supply more information to the hiring manager who is in the valley of decision. Use this if you have not heard anything as it gives you an opportunity to put your skills back in front of them in a professional way. If you do not know how to put together a portfolio, then just create a one page word document with your major skill sets and bullet points listed underneath. Use this job interview follow up email as a way to throw your hat back in the ring.

Mr. Smith,

I appreciate the time you recently took to discuss with me the position you currently have open at _______________(COMPANY). It was a pleasure speaking with you and meeting your very competent staff. I found each of my conversations extremely informative. As I mentioned during our interview, I am confident that, given the chance, I could contribute a great deal to your overall company objectives and goals.

In addition to my experience, skills, and qualifications, I am an experienced team player who brings enthusiasm and energy into group efforts. I know that I can meet and exceed your expectations.

As a helpful resource, I’ve enclosed a representative portfolio highlighting my _______________(FIELD) work. If you feel my talents are in line with your ideas, please feel free to call so we can further discuss _______________(COMPANY)’s needs.


Brad Mills


4. Forgot to mention during the interview

The purpose for this one is to send some additional information that you believe could be helpful to the Hiring Manager. This can give you a specific reason as to why you are reaching out to him. It is an “oh, I almost forgot…” kind of email. Used tactfully, it can be very powerful follow up email sample.

Mr. Smith,

I came away from our interview on _______________(DATE) with a very favorable impression of _______________(COMPANY). Clearly, the leadership begins at the top and carries throughout the entire organization. I welcome the opportunity to work with such a team.

If more time had been available, I would have liked to explain in greater detail my accomplishments at _______________(COMPANY). My responsibilities included training and motivating employees, providing customer service and satisfaction, increasing merchandise sales through sales volume and profitability, shrinkage control and scheduling as well as preparing reports on daily sales and receipts. I was also recognized for high ethical standards in all work performed.

The time and consideration you have given me are very much appreciated. I will call you again next week to determine if you have reached a decision.


Brad Mills

There you have it. A powerful sample follow up letter after interview. Hopefully, these will work out well for you or if not at least it has your mind working as to the type of follow-up email you can create.

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    160 thoughts on “4 Killer Follow Up Emails When You’ve Heard Nothing After the Interview

    1. Hi Jonathan, thank you for what you’re doing — it’s truly a blessing!
      For me, I’m unsure whether to let it go or try once more to get a response…I had a phone interview with the recruiter October 30th. It went well, so she scheduled an interview with the hiring manager November 6th. During that interview, she said they would like to have someone starting by December 1st. She would select her top 2 or 3 candidates and they would then interview with her boss. From there, they would make a decision. That interview went really well too, so the recruiter scheduled a lunch interview for November 14th with the hiring manager and her boss.
      It was at a very expensive restaurant (menu had no prices on food!). The interview went really well again (it was scheduled for one hour, but it lasted almost 2). I even thought they would offer me the position at the end of the lunch, but that didn’t happen. I did ask if they had a timeline for the position and he said they would like to have someone start immediately. I was hoping for a call within a week, but I didnt hear anything. I called the recruiter to check the status and she said she had not heard from the managers, but would notify me once she heard something. I waited another week 1/2 and called the hiring manager directly (during our interview, she gave me her business card and asked me to call her if I had any questions during the waiting period). I called her December 3rd, but got her voicemail. I left a brief message with my name, number and that I was following up on the status of the position — also thanking her for the opportunity to meet with them and hoped to see them again soon.
      It’s now 2 weeks later and no email or phone call from the recruiter or hiring manager regarding the position. I guess I’m surpised knowing how well it went, yet, not even a courtesy call or email to say the position is still pending, that they have chosen someone else or simply that no decision has been made.
      I was thinking of sending a follow up email to the hiring manager — cc the recruiter, but not sure if that’s too much at this point? What do you think? God Bless. Jesse

    2. hi, I sent my follow letter to see when a decision will be made he responded they are experiencing some delays in the filling the position that is out of his control? do I reply back and what do I say? thanks for help.

    3. Hi Jonathan,
      Thank you very much for your site its very helpful. I had an interview two weeks ago and i had not heard from the potential employer so i decided to send a follwo up email on Tuesday and i got a response on Thursday. Heres the response i am not too sure what to make of it though is this a postive response or ??
      After your interview with () she advised me that she did mention in the interview that the vacancy would be placed on hold. I’m not sure if you recall this. Unfortunately we are undergoing a structural review so most of our vacancies have been placed on hold, and this was one of them. I am so sorry if this was not clearly communicated. I will get back to you once we have a final decision on our review, which will be in January 2015.

      Please keep me updated if your situation changes, i.e. if you perhaps take up another offer in the meantime.

      • Unfortunately, this is common practice. My guess is other priorities that need to be decided before the end of the year are fast approaching. Also, new hiring budgets come out first of the year so if I were you, after the first of the year, I’d contact them….let them know you are still interested, and ask, “I don’t want to get ahead of you or behind you on this, when would be a good time to circle back around with you on this?”

    4. Johnathan-

      I have had 3 interviews with an organization. The first with the CFO, the second with the Divisional President, and the third with “the team” that would be my peers. The third interview was on October 15th (Wednesday), and as next steps the Divisional President told me he would get back to me Monday October 20th with “feedback” (whatever that means). He then contacted me on (through email) Thursday evening at 8pm October 16th and told me he was going to attempt to make some time and follow up with me after 3pm the next day (Friday October 17th). I never heard from him on Friday. So, on Monday (the 20th) at 4pm I still hadnt heard anything. So I sent a follow up email similar to the one above expressing my continued interest. It is now Thursday October 23rd and I have yet to hear anything back from anyone at the organization. It has been over a week from the 3rd interview. What should I do at this point? Thanks.

    5. Hi Jonathan, your letters are amazing and super helpful. Thank you for helping thousand of job seekers.
      Sincerely, Geo

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    7. Hi Jonathan,

      So I had a phone interview about 2 weeks ago and haven’t heard anything from the recruiter. Although the recruiter told me she WILL contact me if she hears anything from the hiring managers I decided to send her a follow up email yesterday. She responded to me this morning and it stated:

      I have sent your information forward to the team, however, at this time I have not yet received a response from the hiring team. Please be patient, it can sometimes take longer than expected. Should I receive an update, I will be sharing that with you.

      How should I respond???

    8. Hi Jonathan:

      You email templates are awesome. I’m thinking to use one these templates to reach to the interviewers I met in a job interview. In my case, I had an interview on This September 2013 and was told to contact them in 2 weeks. I did send a thank you email right after the interview and then send a follow up email after two weeks from then. They replied they have not made any decisions yet and told me to be in touch. I send another follow up email after two week but have not heard anything back. It has been already 2 months and got no reply. Since i’m very much interested in this position and in this company, do you think should I send another follow up email, like the template # 1 of your? It does feel like a long time to take a decision, I’m a bit confused. Can you please advise?

      • I generally recommend that you change up the method. So if you send an email and hear nothing back after a few days…go for a phone call or try a different person in the process.

    9. Hi Jonathan,
      You templates are just AWESOME and extremely helpful. No match.. period.
      I got an interview call from department’s Accounts manager to appear in a video conf. 3 members panel interview (Manager, Team lead and senior Architect. Interview went very well beyond an hour as scheduled. I sent a thank you letter to accounts manager to forward my ‘Thank you letter’ to all panel members. Later 2 weeks I got a phone call from Manager that they want me to answer few technical questions and Senior architect sent me email on behalf of Manager to answer technical questions/reports and cced to Manager and team lead. I answered all questions and replied to all.
      Now I want to send a followup email and I am not quite sure if I should send it to Accounts Manager, IT manager or senior architect or team lead?
      Also during my first panel interview they told me that they will decide within 4 weeks, 2 weeks to interview to all candidates and next 2 weeks to short list and 2nd interview.
      Its been only 3 weeks today and I am wondering if I should send them a followup email or should I wait until end of 4th week?

      • I would be politely persistent so you can keep a pulse on the situation without being over-bearing. Best way to do this is to stagger your communication with all of the people mentioned above.

    10. Hi Jonathan, your email template is AWESOME!!! I used email #1 for my follow up email and the HR assistant replied immidiately. Kudos to you! Thanks man!

    11. Hi Jonathan…
      I applied online for a leasing company 2 1/2 weeks ago. I supplied them with an electronic version of my resume and cover letter. I interviewed 2 weeks ago. I was on time and I went in prepared with a paper copy of my resume and cover letter. The day after I interviewed, I e-mailed the hiring manager thanking her for giving me the opportunity to interview.They contacted me the following Tuesday and told me that I was a strong candidate for the position. They asked me to come in for a second interview on Wednesday. I went in on Wednesday and the hiring manager had called out sick, so I didn’t get the chance to meet with her again. I was told that they would be contacting me when she gets back in the office to reschedule. I called and left her a message on Thursday just in case she had come in. On Friday, I tried calling but her voicemail was full so I sent her a follow up email. I thought I would give it the weekend and hope that she would contact by Monday. I contacted her today (Monday) and her voicemail was not full so I left her a message. Because I was able to leave a message this time, it sounds like she was either in the office or at least checking her voicemail. I still haven’t received a call back or e-mail to reschedule. I really need this job since my husband lost his and money is running low. When I met with her the first time, she said they need the position to be filled quickly. By calling or e-mailing at least once a day, would you say that I am being to persistent / pushy? Is this a turn off to employers? Or should I keep doing what I am doing? Thank you so much. 🙂

    12. Hi Jonathan,

      I had a pretty promising interview last Tuesday (Sept 10th), it was my second interview with them after the initial phone interview. I was getting some good clues that I was a favored candidate and was told before leaving that I am one of two final candidates and that they were planning to make a decision by the end of the week. It has now been a little over one week (today is Sept 18th) since the interview and I have not yet heard from them. I sent them a Thank You follow up the day after the in-person interview last week but I’m not sure if I should follow up again now that the original time frame has passed. I am extremely interested in this job but I don’t want to annoy them or come across as pushy.

      Any advice?

      • It is much like a dating game. If you do nothing, they may assume you are not interested. If you emailed them a week ago. I’d call and let them know that you are still very interested in the opportunity.

    13. My Joblist Staff Recruitment

      These letters are great, do you suggest also to give them a call after a longer time no response, i was thinking that there can be other reasons, email never arrive or ends up in spam, or any other reason, so would you suggest to visit or call the company and if yes is the answer then what would be the best time to do it?

    14. It’s been 3 weeks since I have sent my online job application. Is it too late to e-mail a follow-up letter to the hiring manager?

    15. Hi Johnathan. I recently interviewed for a position and was told that I was first to be interviewed. I sent a great thank you email and the interviewer responded I enjoyed getting to know you. Be in touch in a week or so. After about 10 days I responded with one of your emails and got the response “thanks for following up. I’m meeting with (the other partners) tomorrow to decide next steps so I will be in touch shortly.” How do you interpret those messages? Its been another few days since the last message.

    16. Hi Jonathan,

      I had submitted an application in second week of may and I got the first HR call last week (2nd week of june) and the HR was super impressed with my profile and she mentioned she will forward me to the hiring manager. However, Its been a week and I did not hear anything back . How long do you think I should wait before sending out an email to the HR ? the career portal still shows status as “under consideration” since june 12th and it says I might get a recruiter call which i already did. Do you think they forgot to advance me to the next level of interview ?

      Appreciate your help.


      • I’d call them and tell them you wanted to let them know you are still interested. Also, say “When should I circle back around with you…i don’t want to get ahead of you or behind you on this opportunity.” You should get a good feel for the timeline after asking this.

    17. The emails are magical!! sent a thank you email, no reply. but after using one of the above emails, got a reply within 24 hours!! thank you so much jonathan 🙂

    18. Hi Jonathon
      I had an interview 2 weeks ago and I was told to be informed in 4 to 6 weeks later. So should I send them a follow up letter or not? I have also sent my thank you letter at the same date of my interview.

    19. Hi Jonathan. During my interview I was told they would contact me either way early the next week, give or take a few days. I heard nothing so I sent them a thank you letter that next week on Friday. I received this as a reply on Saturday from the Dean:

      “Thank you very much for taking the time to come spend the afternoon with us, Kimberly. It was our pleasure and we very much enjoyed the demonstration and the conversation.”

      That is all that was in the response. I am now sitting exactly two weeks out from my interview, they finished contacting all of my references as of exactly a week ago, and I do not know what to do now.

      Do I try contacting them again in regards to the job?

      Thank you…Kimberly.

      • Yes, I would. Time kills deals and you need to let them know you are still active in your search but very interested in their opportunity.

    20. I had Job interview on April 23 and send in thank you letter on April 24th and i was told it will take week to respond back. but i really want this job and i want to send another email to follow up but don’t really know what to write.

    21. Hello Jonathan, I came accross yourarticle while looking for an answer about my interview. I wentf or a job intervew on April 3rd, for a good medical supply company. It went well, the managers were friendly and told me all about the positions theya re offering, At that time they were getting ready to move the company to another location (the location they were hiring for). I was told that they will make a decision within a week ors o. As soon as I got home, I sent a Thank you email to the hiring manager, and he responded. 10 dayslater, I haven’t heard from them, so I decided to email the manager again, he responded apologizing for the delay on the decision process, and said that the move to the new location was delayed which caused them to delay the decision process, he politely apologized and said that they will making a decision soon and also sending out offer letter. It’s been a week since that last correspondence, and I don’t know what to do at this point as I’m sitting hree waiting for a decision to be made. I like the position and I really really want it. What do you think is going on here. Thank you foryour insight!

      • I would call them. If they are talking about an offer letter I wouldn’t just email them. Use *67 before you call and it won’t display your phone number. I would not leave a message but try to call a few times and get them on the phone.

    22. hi Jonathan, i had a onsite interview on 18th april after a phone screening. I am highly interested in this position and i am the first candidate they called for onsite interview. i am still in touch with one of HR personnel for the reimbursement of the expenses. i am wondering if i need to contact to Hiring Manager to boost my chances i have also sent thank you letter.

    23. Dear Jonathan, I had an interview yesterday with a good company and it is my belief that it went well, However when it came to the remuneration offered, I didn’t quite feel they were offering me what I wished for considering my qualification, experience and exposure. I was requested to send an email out with my resume and a revised salary expectation as what I quoted at the venue was too high as per the interviewer. I also have another contact in the company( who I will be reporting to) who unofficially informed me the package would be close to what I quoted.
      Now, I am confused whether or not to put in a figure in my email as it will e documented and at the same time I don’t want to underquote as it may affect what the finally offer me. Please advice urgently.


      • Thanks for the comment. You are right. The salary part can be a bit tricky. A general rule is to not give out a number or delay giving out a number for as long as possible. The other contact is SUPER valuable to you and you should definitely use that to get to the truth. I would stay away from putting the number in an email. Show them you are interested and that you are entertaining any reasonable offers because you are highly interested. Try to get them to offer the number first and you keep control.

    24. Hi Jonathan. My job interview went well, I sent a thanks letter and after 3 weeks a follow up letter. Finally I heard from them and I am still being considered for the position. Should I write something else? Would you please recommend something? Thanks

      • Liz, I would vary the communication. You could either place a phone call or email someone different as there are usually more than one person involved in the hiring process.

    25. hi jonathan,i had interview on 4th march 2013 and everything went fine during the interview.i was told that they will revert me back after two weeks.as they said they mailed me on 2nd April 2013 as ”

      We appreciate your interest in the
      position of Software Developer for which you applied. After the
      evaluation of your written test and personal interview we would like to
      inform that your application is still under processing.

      As per the business requirement we may revert back to you in a course of 4-6 weeks for further proceedings.”
      i can’t interpret the result from this reply.please help me what should i do further?how can i reply them ?or ask them for further update.

      • This sonds like a standard letter that HR would put out. It would be better for you to get to the hiring manager and see what the latest is on the position.

    26. hey jonathan i recently used your advice follow up email and got a response rather quickly the job letting me know they will have a decision this week as the week has came and gone i have yet to hear from this company any ideas…

      • Glad it got a response. Getting a response is a good sign because they could have easily let you off the hook if you were not a possibility. I would try giving them a call next.

    27. Hi,
      I see that this post is over a year old, but it made for a helpful read. I had an interview last week which went very well. I received a note from the recruiter saying that the officer I interview with thought I was one of the top candidates in process now. I wrote back with a thank you and also expressed my interest in the position.

      However, it has been a week since my last conversation. Should I write back? I worry about being too pushy, since they had initiated the email last week saying that the interviewer had liked me.

    28. How often should I send a follow up email if in the interview it might several weeks to decide. It has been just over weeks. I have already sent a written note and an email thanking them for I televiewers and my continued interest.

      • I would send another email in the next day or so and say “I don’t want to be ahead of you or behind you…” You want them to know that you are definitely interested.

    29. Hello Jonathan,

      I was called for an interview, however when the interview was scheduled; my current boss would not let me take off, I called the interviewer back and she rescheduled to interview me after work, Feb 14 the interview went very well seemingly; I asked when would she be making a decision; she said she had 2 more interviews, so her last interview was last thurs, today is tues….I’m wondering if I should send a followup email, I have already sent a thank you email, the next day after the interview on feb 15th?

    30. Hi there I had an interview on Feb 6 and I was told to follow up on Friday Feb 15. I have not heard anything back, should I send a follow up email?

    31. hi Jonathan

      I used to work with International coffee company’s distributor overseas, I left the country and move to the state, one year after I propose my self to the same company’s distributor bout different country, the do communicate with me and show a high interesting, I had my first interview over the phone 10 days ago with the HR manager, and I provide them with a recommendation letter from the company head office,

      they suppose to get back to me within 1 week, I need your help to write them a very professional update inquiry to find out there decision and what they are up to, the interview wasn’t perfect there are some details I didn’t mention, and some sales number I forget, please help me with that, your reply is most appreciated

    32. Hi Jonathan, I had good interview, follow up call, and talk with HR Director. I think they will make me an offer but it as been almost two weeks and wondering if I need to contact Hiring manager or not? Phone call or email would be better?

      • Im thinking i would go with a phone call first. Let them know you are still interested. Also that they are your first choice but you are receiving calls about other possible interviews. Could be slow because of the holidays too….

    33. Hi Jonathan,i am new to this portal, first of all thank you very much for the valuable information.I had an interview 2 weeks back,today i contacted them again then they said they are planning for the second interview.the first one was technical interview.Is it going to be a technical interview or a HR interview…which one i could expect.Is it ok if i call them and find out so that i will be prepared for that.Any suggestions..

    34. I had an interview with a regional manager and it went great.. she passed me to the district manager which i felt it also went great… Now the question here, the district manager said “I will certainly reach out to you on Monday”. , which its Yesterday. I haven’t heard anything yet, should i email her today or tomorrow to see whats going on or leave it alone and wait…


      • I would call her and check in with her for sure. Just tell her “I don’t want to get ahead of you or behind you…just want to see where things are.”

    35. Hi Jonathan, I had my interview about a month ago now. I thought the interview went well, but I didn’t get the job. I was told they would not be offering me the position at this time and they would like to keep my application on hold and offer me the next available position. I was also told that I should be hearing from them in 1-2 months as they would be adding more team members in October. Does this sound promising? Or, does this sound like a polite kiss off? Should I send a follow up letter? Any advice you could give me would truly be appreciated. Thank you so much!

      • hmmmm. It is hard to tell. Did this come from HR or from the hiring manager? I would stay in touch with them. Next time you talk with someone over there ask “When would it make sense for me to re-connect with you on this?” Let them give you a timeline for follow up. Then when you call later say”Last time we spoke you mentioned it might be good to reconnect with you on the 5th so I just wanted to let yu know I am still interested in the opportunity.” BUT do not sit back and wait for this opportunity. Keep moving forward. Even getting an offer somewhere else can be used as leverage with this company to see if they mean what they say.

    36. Hi Jonathan, i have mixed feelings about my interview i recently had. The interview started off well. With the HR manager giving me information on the company, which i had already knew about because of researching the company-figuring that i would be asked questions in relevance to the position. But I didn’t want to be impolite and interrupt. When I was asked if I had any questions, of course I proceeded with my questions. It seemed as though I was doing the interviewing. Is this a good or bad sign?

      • Hi Angel. Thanks for your question. My answer is it depends. Normally, there is a delicate balance. As a recruiter I have had HR professionals discount a candidate because they had no question. To them, he seemed unprepared and uninterested for not having questions.

    37. Hi Jonathan,

      I’m applying to position within my current company. Although, the process is usually long, it’s been almost 3 months since I first applied and about a month since the last round of interviews. After giving me a deadline for an answer, HR never followed up on the expected day, so I asked the hiring manger directly and I was told it will take another couple of weeks. After these couple of weeks passed, I emailed HR again to follow up and to ask if I’m still being considered. In response I got an email directly from the hiring manager (with HR on copy) telling me the following:

      “I wanted to inform you that we are encountering a slower
      process than planned and I believe we will not be able
      to have a decision before another 2 weeks. I know how daunting it is to be waiting, so rather give
      you a heads up.Thanks for your patience.”
      I believe this is a positive sign, but it will be interesting if you could offer some suggestions on follow up emails for this kind of situation where the candidate shows interest but it’s not desperate even though the process is dragging for months.

      • A few thoughts. They could have easily have taken you off the hook and they did not. Good sign. Time kills deals as they say so that part is not so good. However, internal candidates always have an edge because they know the kind of worker you are. Just stay politely persistent. Always say, “When would it make sense for me to connect with you again.” Let them guide your follow up strategy. Keep lightly working HR and the hiring manager. Alternate your touches so they dont feel bombarded all at once.

    38. Hi Jonathan,
      I had an Interview on Friday, June 29th for the Executive Assistant
      position in Legal Department in one of the biggest Corporations in the
      On Sunday, July 1st (so they could get it next business day after
      Interview – Monday), I sent thank you emails to all four people I had
      an Interview with – 3 attorneys and one Director of Operations.
      On Monday, June 2nd, I got the following email from Director of Operations:

      Jane –

      thank you for your interest, and coming to meet with me and some of
      the attorneys. It was a pleasure meeting you.

      A final decision has not yet been made, but I can tell you that you
      are a strong candidate. With a holiday week upon us, I would like to
      ask for your patience and get back to you early next week.

      I look forward to speaking with you again.


      Today is Monday, July 16th, so the week later they were supposed to contact me, no one got back to me yet.
      Should I follow up again?And how to do so without being annoying?

      Thank you for you time and help.

    39. Hey Jonathan, I had my interview a week ago (July 3, tuesday). It went really well, and the interviewer mentioned that they will be making a decision in the next 2 weeks. It;s been a week (july 10, tuesday), and I had sent a thank you letter the day after the interview. What’s your suggestion on another followup call or email? Should I wait until another, then followup?

    40. Hi Jonathan, I have recently returned from the UK where I have been living for seven years and started applying for jobs.  

      I have been advised on a couple of occasions now that I have been ‘overqualified’ for positions for which I have applied.   In both instances, I was advised that the roles were either below me, or that didn’t offer a long term challenge and/or were concerned that I wouldn’t give a 2 year commitment before wanting to move on!

      To be honest, both positions that I applied for offered really good opportunities offering real challenges.
      Any advice!? 

      • Some I know have offered to sign a contract that they will stay for a certain time period. What ever you do just remember that hiring managers want to be comforted. Comfort them and their decision to hire you as best as you can. 

    41. Hi Jonathan
      I like the comments and your suggestions.
      I have been interviewed in a company and they told me that they will inform me in two weeks in either way. Through my internet seach and my teacher suggested me to drop donuts in that office. I dropped it with thank you note. They replied me  with thank you and explained that it is good to drop a thank you note but such gifts are harmful.  Now two weeks are over on last friday and still waiting for their decision. Should I send them follow up letter again or wait for couple of days more?

      • I wouldnt recommend giving gifts. Polite persistence is the key. Also, try to work different people at different times so one person doesnt feel bombarded. 

    42. Hi Jonathan.  I have been interviewing with a company for almost 1 month.  I was told by their HR department that it was down to myself and one other candidate.  May last meeting with them was on 5/8/12.  The company called my references.  Each reference called me to tell me they were called. It’s been 3 business days, I’m waiting, impatiently.  Should I send a follow up email or wait it out?

      • I would reach out to them. Let them know you are still interested. definitely! @5d672832a7488f8394cb96cf63860407:disqus 

    43. Hi Jonathan,
      Im new to this web portal,but i really impressed after read all the job aspirants emotional feelings and the 
      way you r guiding them to achieve their success looking great. As a job seeker, i would be glad to share my problem with you i.e Its been 2 weeks since i discussed with HR manager of MNC regarding the position with the company. I haven’t heard back from them.So,what should i do? I would expect you help me by sharing your valuable suggestions on how can i proceed furthermost?.

      Thank you for you time in considering my request.


      • Sorry for the late reply. I was out of town. Is there anyone else you can check in with at the company? I do this if I feel like I am bombarding one person. 

    44. Hi Jonathan,
      I had an interview with a very international company and they looked very professional. The interview process went well and fast too. I was selected for the job and the interviewer said he would call me the next day for the job confirmation, however there has been no communication from their side which I find very unprofessional.
      What should I do? I have been waiting for communication from their side it has been 3 working days now after that.

      Thanks in advance for your response,

      • Sorry for the delay in the response. It is normal to not hear anything. We are in a company-driven job market. They can take their time because their are many choices. Stay patient and keep letting them know you are interested. 

    45. Hi,
      I am from india, I found ur website in google. I
      am in television programming industry.
      I applied in a multi-national production house in
      Dec’11. On 27th Dec my first interview held by HR. They told me “you have to
      meet our Vice President in few days.” After 4 month long wait I receive a call
      frm there VP by 25 april’12. She ask me to come & meet her in next two days
      . My meeting with her was very good. She already done so much research about my
      past & shown gr8 interest in me, end of interview she told me “I will send
      a mail to you and let you know, I will try to make this fast but don’t depend
      on me because there is one more level above me”. I receive a e mail from here
      that evening, in this mail she ask my expected CTC & date of joining, she
      also told me that “ in next 10 days you have to meet our CEO”. I sent my reply
      and thank you note. Then by 4th may I receive a mail from her. In this mail she
      ask me to come and meet his COO by Monday evening.
      I met her and company COO by Monday (7th may’12).
      Again meeting was gr8. Even COO looks impressed with me. He told me what should
      I do after my joining. They also request that “ please don’t change your self
      just because we are a multinational company. Be your self” end of interview COO
      told me that “ till Friday we decide how can we forward all this thing.” Vice
      President come to see off me (till Life). After 2nd interview I sent thank you
      note to both of them. That time I thought they will call me in next 2 day.
      But, today is sunday evening and I am still waiting
      for there call.

      I sent a sms to company’s
      VP and she sent reply- he write “Digvijay- we’ll get back for sure. don’t
      is it positive sign or not?

      Please guide me what I
      do? Should I wait or follow up. And if follow up how?

      • Sorry for the late response. If they are communicating with you, it is a positive sign. They could have easily let you off the hook through an email or text. 

    46. Hi Jonathan,
      I had my first interview yesterday afternoon and I emailed the interviewers to say thank you (I rang the receptionist for their email addresses but she told me to email them through her and she would forward to them). The HR person did receive my email though and shortly afterwards she rang me up to schedule for psychometric test today. Now that I had done the test, should I send another thank you email? I was told there will be a 2nd interview if I passed this. I was just wondering if it would be too much if I send them thank you notes now and then another one after the 2nd interview? And if I should send thank you email now, do you have any idea what I should say? Because there wasn’t much talk, just a short personality test.
      Thank heaps.

      • Sorry for the late response. I hope you have figured things out by now. As a general rule, I would reach out to them again. Id rather know I am not a fit then sit and wonder. 

    47. Hi Jonathan, great article and so far I’ve utilized your advice. I have a few questions though (two different scenarios).

      Scenario One:Interviewed for a waiter position at a restaurant (job fair). They said they would give us a decision by the end of the day but ended up stating that they will give a decision by the end of the weekend. It’s now Wed, three days due. After the interview I followed up with a “Thank You” email and then emailed a follow up email today. Should I continue to email after every two days if I hear no response?Scenario Two:

      Interviewed at a clothing retailer position (Also a job fair). I thought I nailed the interview. They said they were going to contact me by today (Wed May 09). I also emailed a thank you letter immediately after the interview, but still haven’t heard back from them. Should I call them about the position tomorrow assuming they do not call today?

      • Sorry I am just getting to your comment. I am assuming you have figured this out by now. My advice would be to contact the one you are most interested in and ask them if you are still a possibility. Tel them you are calling because another company has an interest in you but you would rather work for them. 

    48. Thank you for the above.  Very helpful!.
      It is approaching a year since I graduated from nursing school and  I am yet to be offered a position. Nurses week is approaching and i am planning on creating gift set to take to hospitals and give them to nurses along with business cards expressing my interest to work to work there. I just finish reading an article online and now I am wondering if I will be frown up on. I dont want to ruin my chances. What are your thoughts on this unconvention approach?

      • I’d be careful about bringing in gifts. It either goes “really well” or “really bad.” You have to ask yourself if you are willing to take the risk. It would be better for you to just go in-person and try to talk to someone about job opportunities or see if they can offer some job search advice for you. 

    49. Hi Jonathan, I had my final round interview for an internship a month ago and haven’t heard back until today. I followed up the interview with a thank you email and two weeks later, another follow up letter to ask about my current status (since i haven’t heard back). Today I got an email, not from the recruiter, but from someone I interviewed with during final round. The email just asked me if I was still available to intern. Is this a sign for anything or they just wanted to know? Thank you so much!

      • Hi Panda, It is hard to tell. Some companies just drag out the hiring process way to long. Don’t get emotionally attached or you will feel like your riding a roller coaster. Just respond positively and see what happens. 

        • Hi,I am from india, I found ur website in google. Iam in television programming industry.I applied in a multi-national production house inDec’11. On 27th Dec my first interview held by HR. They told me “you have tomeet our Vice President in few days.” After 4 month long wait I receive a callfrm there VP by 25 april’12. She ask me to come & meet her in next two days. My meeting with her was very good. She already done so much research about mypast & shown gr8 interest in me, end of interview she told me “I will senda mail to you and let you know, I will try to make this fast but don’t dependon me because there is one more level above me”. I receive a e mail from herethat evening, in this mail she ask my expected CTC & date of joining, shealso told me that “ in next 10 days you have to meet our CEO”. I sent my replyand thank you note. Then by 4th may I receive a mail from her. In this mail sheask me to come and meet his COO by Monday evening.I met her and company COO by Monday (7th may’12).Again meeting was gr8. Even COO looks impressed with me. He told me what shouldI do after my joining. They also request that “ please don’t change your selfjust because we are a multinational company. Be your self” end of interview COOtold me that “ till Friday we decide how can we forward all this thing.” VicePresident come to see off me (till Life). After 2nd interview I sent thank younote to both of them. That time I thought they will call me in next 2 day.But, today is sunday evening and I am still waitingfor there call.
          I sent a sms to company’sVP and she sent reply- he write “Digvijay- we’ll get back for sure. don’tworry.”is it positive sign or not?
          Please guide me what Ido? Should I wait or follow up. And if follow up how?DJ

    50. Hi Jonathan,
      My First interview was finished on March 4, 2012 with company MD and second interview also went well with Marketing Manager on April 12, 2012.
      During the second interview, the Marketing Manager told me that they will be preparing the job offer for me, but this will take time, since MD is on business tour for 10 days. During second interview, i just mentioned that i am in demand and talking to some more companies regarding my job. I am not sure, whether this conversation was OK from my side or not.
      Due to some visa problems, now I am actually in hurry to get the job offer and need your expert advice about the next step to follow in order to get this job.
      Thank you in advance.
      Regards, Wasim 

      • Hi Wasim. Your story is not unusual. Many employers are dragging their feet simply because they have control and there are many candidates available. Polite persistence is the key in your case. Also, if there is more than one person in the process touch different ones at different times that way no one person feels bombarded.

    51. Hi Jonathan,
      I received an email from an employer saying they received my materials and I am under consideration for the position and they would be in touch with me depending how the process unfolds. It’s going to be 3 weeks since that email, should I follow up with them?

    52. Jonathan,
      How about a killer follow up email when you haven’t even gotten an interview?
      Thanks for the 4 above.  Helpful reminders.


    54. Hey Jonathan. I had interviewed for a “foot-in-the-door” position at a network in NYC, and the first interview, with an executive and a producer, went extremely well. Great actually, we really got along. I received a call back the next day for a second interview. The second went very well but it was held by two employees who have similar positions as the one I was interviewing for. I was given advice and many other angles on how to get the position by appealing to their superiors. Not to mention, everyone assured me that it may take some time to hear back due to their HR department being slow and that I could email them at any time if I had any questions.

      Now I am torn. The second interview went very well but I left a little more disheartened. Regardless, I emailed thank you notes to all the people I met (one responded w/ a “You’re welcome, etc, etc”) and I emailed one directly a few days later with some clarifying questions about training for the job and he emailed me back with a very detailed description.

      It’s been a week since my last interview and about 4 days since I have received any emails.

      How long should I wait until I follow up with them again? And how closely do I follow the advice of those who interviewed me (w/ regards to appealing to the “higher-ups”) when it feels like I would be badgering them if I did so.

      • Sorry I missed this comment. Might be too late now but I will answer anyhow. I always like to work different angles. That way no one person feels bombarded. 

    55. i had the interview on monday feb 27th, i followed up with a call the following Monday March 5th. is it too pushy to write an email such as the ones above 2 days later after the voicemail i left? she said she owuld call me back on wed feb 29th, but i know how busy it has been for them since they are going under renovation as well as expanding their team all at the same time.

      • Sorry for the delay. I somehow missed your response. You may have figured this out by now, but for future reference I will answer your question. Polite persistence is the key. It is a balancing act. You want them to know you are interested without coming across as desperate. 

    56. Jonathan,I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to write these powerful letters that I am sure had been helpful.This is great!
      Have a nice day.
      Mercedes Moredock

    57. Hi Jonathan. I had an interview on 16th feb(thursday)  and the interview went very well. During the interview,I was told that the outcome will be known in a weeks time.
      I sent them a “thank-you” email on 20th feb(Monday) and I didnt hear anything from them. I sent them another email on 27th feb to know if a decision has been made. I haven’t heard from them at all. Its been more than 3 weeks and I am confused if I should give them a call or not.  I dont want to be too pushy and I am worried if I should take this as a rejection?

      • I would rather know I’m not in the hunt anymore than just sit in wonder. Stay politely persistent. 

    58. I just had an interview just over a week ago and things went well. However I was informed by the interviewers that the interview was very early in their process and I should not worry if I do not hear back right away. In fact I was told by the recruiter that I was the first person they interviewed and I may have to wait a bit before hearing back. When would be a good time to check back in? And who would be a better person to contact, the recruiter or the interviewer (this would be my supervisor on the job)?

      • Let your recruiter go to work for you. He has a vested interest in you getting the job. That being said, mail a thank you letter to keep you fresh on their mind. Also, an email after a few days is not a bad idea. Still be sure you and the recruiter are working together.

      • I had the same response during my first interview. Is this a common line given to applicants? Sounds like a line..

        • It could be. However, with the amount of available candidates on the market, most companies are taking longer to make a decision. They can afford to at the moment.

    59. I had the interview on february 1st, 2012. The HR told me they will let me know within a week for the second interview, if not call the company, as the department manager was on vacation. After 2 days I sent a follow up email to HR, no response. After 10 days I called the company, no response. Its been a month and still no response, Should I call/ email them or should I wait?

      • If it has been a week or so I would definitely contact them again. Sometimes it is better on the psyche to find out that the position has been filled then to wonder for weeks.
        Jonathan Milligan

    60. Thanks for the great examples. I had a good interview yesterday, but I know I lack some experience the job requires, although they still seemed very interested in me. Do I address the fact that I lack certain experience in the follow up letter? Also, honestly, I’m not a 100% sure I could handle the job or want the job. But cannot afford to say “no”.  Any suggestions? Thanks

      • Thanks for the comments. I would recommend keeping it positive. If there is to be a 2nd interview you can better discuss those things face to face rather than in writing. Companies do not always hire the most qualified candidate. They hire teammates or people they connect with. 

        Good Luck!

      • Thanks for the comments. I would recommend keeping it positive. If there is to be a 2nd interview you can better discuss those things face to face rather than in writing. Companies do not always hire the most qualified candidate. They hire teammates or people they connect with. 

        Good Luck!

    61. Thanks for the great examples. I had a good interview yesterday, but I know I lack some experience the job requires, although they still seemed very interested in me. Do I address the fact that I lack certain experience in the follow up letter? Also, honestly, I’m not a 100% sure I could handle the job or want the job. But cannot afford to say “no”.  Any suggestions? Thanks

    62. Thanks for this! Many forget the all-important thank you follow up letter! I had already sent one for the job I wanted but I knew what the employer was worried about with me (the ever annoying “overqualified” title) so your idea of saying what a great impression the company made on me and sending references really got me thinking. I went from writer’s blck to feeling confident in what I sent and feeling it was appropriate. Thanks a ton!

      • Hi Andi. Your welcome! Thanks for stopping in and I hope your job search is going well. Jonathan

    63. Thank you very much for your examples. I’ve been writing a lot of these lately and I found a lot of new and informative elements in what you suggested. Let’s put it to the test 😉

      • I often like to use “Re:” without quote marks to start the title of my email. It helps it to get open a lot. Jonathan

      • Hi Louise,

        Great question. It really depends. If you want to make sure someone opens it, use “Re:” People almost always open that because it looks like a reply email. That seems to work best. Maybe something like “Re: Open Accounting Position.”

    64. I read your 4-Killer Follow-Up Emails and I think they are great. I went for an interview for a sales position I really liked. The interview went really well. I interviewed with three managers in that one interview. I submitted a resume and filled out a application on site for the employer. I was asked what did I know about their products. I did not mention and list on my resume that I had experience selling their particular product. I have current experience in this industry which I listed and we discussed, however I left off the experience selling their particular product because it was over 20 years ago and I wanted to keep a short resume and not come across as a job hopper. This could have made a major difference in how the interview went. Is it to late to bring this up in a follow-up email and if so, how would I say it? Or should I not mention it at this point?

      • Hi James. Thanks for the nice comments. I would use the “forgot to mention in the interview” email template above and customize it to your situation. Admit that it was a years back but that you have stayed up to date on the product. Also, tell them that you know one of the most important thing in selling is that you believe in what you are selling and that you would have no hesitation at selling the product again. Good luck!

    65. Hi Jonathan. I had a question. I went for a job interview and everything went really good. The interviewer asked for me to write her an email telling her that i was still interested in the job and the hours etc. i wrote that email and she replied back saying ” Thank you, we will be in touch”. It’s been two days and have not heard a response. Should i write her another email?.

      I appreciate your help,

      • Marlene,

        The fact that she replied to your email is a good sign. Often if they are just playing lip service then they would not reply to the email. Have you had the opportunity to ask about their time frame? How many more candidates still need to interview? When they expect to make a decision? If you have other opportunities that have opened up you could always call and say, “I just wanted to check in and see how the process is going. I have had a few other opportunities open up but I am most interested in your opportunity if I am still a strong possibility.” You can usually gauge how serious of a candidate you are for the job based on their response. Good luck!

    66. It has been exactly two weeks since i had my interview. The guy told me that they will let me know in a week or two weeks. I am not sure about the date and time as it shows me pushy in their eyes. I dont know what to do at this point ?How about the follow up email ? it should be short asking the status of my application ? i am pretty stresses .I really want the job.

      • I always coach clients with something I call “polite persistence.” You are right, there is a delicate balance at play here. If you cal them too much they can see you as pushy and desperate. At the same time, not talking to them at all may cause them to think that you are not interested in the job. I think what is best is to do a mixture of “touches.” For example, calling a few days in a row and leaving a message is bad. Send an email and wait for a response. If no response in 48 hours, give them a call. That is not as aggressive. I have found that some people are “phone” people and some are “email” people. They have a preferred way to communicate. You just need to discover which one is their preference.

    67. Thanks for this postings and examples. I would also like to know if the Interview Edge System is still available for purchase. I just learned about it now and it does not indicate start/end date offer. I am interested. Please let me know. Thanks.

      • Sure. There are two options for you to consider. The first is the PDF InterviewEdge Document that I use in interview coaching. You can find out about it here: http://www.cpacareercoach.com/interviewedge-special-report/

        As far as the InterviewEdge System with Online Video Coaching it is one module in the Job Search Mastermind Course. I have currently reduced the price for a limited time. You can watch the entire InterviewEdge system and the rest of the job search strategies by going here: http://www.jobsearchmastermind.com

        Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks.

    68. Thanks! This was very helpful! I’m just wondering if I should follow-up again if I did not get a response to my first follow-up. I had an interview, sent a thank-you email right after. Waited for a week and sent a follow-up email, and it’s been a week since then. Should I wait a week or two more then send another email or just forget about it? I’m not sure if sending another one would make me seem desperate/annoying. It’s a job I really want!

    69. Thanks for this! I was scratching my head, wondering what the protocol is when you haven’t received a “yay” or “nay” after an interview.  I’d already sent the “thank you” letter and was stumped for how to follow-up; this article & follow-up e-mail suggestions, were definitely helpful!

      • You are welcome. I really hope it helps you. I know it can be frustrating for sure when you haven’t heard anything.

    70. This was a great posting I love it and it worked I was selected for a 2nd interview, now i need some tips for that.  I am A nurse applying at the hospital for a postpartum unit and I am A new grad.  Any tips for the interview?

      • Awesome news! Sorry that I am just now seeing this. I am assuming that you probably already had your interview. Chemistry is still a big thing with interviews. Also be sure that you show some positive energy.

    71. Thanks for this post and those examples. They are really helpful but how long should I leave it? It’s been a week and a day since the interview and silence. I thought it went very well. Is a week too soon? Would it be percieved as being pushy or enthusiastic?

      • I would definitely reach out to them again. As long as you handle right on the phone you will not come across as pushy. They honestly like to hear from you as that re-enforces interest. Good Luck!

    72. GEEZ…good thing I’M not job hunting! Look at that incorrrect spelling in my post! I clearly meant “hear” vs “here”

      Sorry about that! = /

    73. Great verbiage…I know this will help some of the “job hunters” with a powerful action step to fill the void of waiting to here! Nicely done Jonathan!

      I’m going to share it with my friends…giving you full credit of course! : )

    74. Brilliant! Great practical help for those on the job hunt…
      I also can see good use of much of the 4th one for my activity area: after being interviewed as a potential real estate agent to help owners sell their property.

      • Thanks Micheal. You are right about #4. That could work out well in the real estate field as well. Thanks!

    75. Ah! thats really cool…thank you…all along I have been trying to understand the silence by the hirer and have been always thinking that expressing more interest might hamper my salary negotiations…anyways, will try these as well

      • You are welcome! Of course, always use common sense, but there is an old saying that goes “Time kills deals.” If you can keep the communication open without frustrating the hiring manager it can work out for you. Especially now, with so many candidates on the market companies are interviewing a lot of people and if you were on the front end of the interviewing you may have been accidentally forgotten as two or three weeks go by.

    76. Thank you for thought provoking and spot on e-mails in follow up to why haven’t I heard from you to quote a Reba Mcintyre song?

      • You are more than welcome Kelli! I have many more tips, strategies and ideas that I hope to get out soon. Please come back…Thanks!

          • no news is….no news. They could have easily replied to your email to let you know that you are not a possibility. After a few days, I would call them.

            • Is it ok to ask in an email if the position has been filled?  I followed up with an email after an interview 2 Friday’s ago and I want to send another iemail letting them know I am still interested and see if they have made any decisions.

            • sorry for the delay! Yes I would. 

            • Hi,
              I am from india, I found ur website in google. I
              am in television programming industry.
              I applied in a multi-national production house in
              Dec’11. On 27th Dec my first interview held by HR. They told me “you have to
              meet our Vice President in few days.” After 4 month long wait I receive a call
              frm there VP by 25 april’12. She ask me to come & meet her in next two days
              . My meeting with her was very good. She already done so much research about my
              past & shown gr8 interest in me, end of interview she told me “I will send
              a mail to you and let you know, I will try to make this fast but don’t depend
              on me because there is one more level above me”. I receive a e mail from here
              that evening, in this mail she ask my expected CTC & date of joining, she
              also told me that “ in next 10 days you have to meet our CEO”. I sent my reply
              and thank you note. Then by 4th may I receive a mail from her. In this mail she
              ask me to come and meet his COO by Monday evening.
              I met her and company COO by Monday (7th may’12).
              Again meeting was gr8. Even COO looks impressed with me. He told me what should
              I do after my joining. They also request that “ please don’t change your self
              just because we are a multinational company. Be your self” end of interview COO
              told me that “ till Friday we decide how can we forward all this thing.” Vice
              President come to see off me (till Life). After 2nd interview I sent thank you
              note to both of them. That time I thought they will call me in next 2 day.
              But, today is sunday evening and I am still waiting
              for there call.

              I sent a sms to company’s
              VP and she sent reply- he write “Digvijay- we’ll get back for sure. don’t
              is it positive sign or not?

              Please guide me what I
              do? Should I wait or follow up. And if follow up how?

            • I think this came through twice. I answered the comment above.