4 Ways to Fully Exploit Your Unique Strengths

Did you know you have super powers? It’s true. You have a gift. Your gift is needed in the world. You may not have realized it yet, but the world is waiting to hear from you.

your unique strengths

I have a simple question for you. I want you to write this question down on a notecard. Dwell on it. Think about it.

Here’s the question:

What would your life look if you were able to fully exploit your unique strengths?

What would happen if you fully leaned into the way God made you? How different would your work day look? Would you wake up more energized about your day?

What if:

  • The barriers you think you see were only a mere mirage?
  • The people you need to connect with were ready to help?
  • The timing was right to boldly step into your calling?
  • The years of preparation now make you ready for the opportunity?

I recently heard Andy Stanley state the following: “Your fully exploited strengths are of far more value to your organization than your marginally improved weaknesses.”

What would happen if you focused on improving your strengths instead of your weaknesses?

Isn’t it funny how easy it is for us to spot our weaknesses but difficult to nail down our strengths? If I asked you to share a few of your weaknesses with me, I’d probably have to limit your number. When I have asked people what their strengths are, I often hear, “You know, I’m not sure exactly” or “Well, I’ve been told that it is…”

My hope is to change this paradigm with a new book I’m writing entitled: The Gift – What You Have That the Richest Man Can’t Buy. You can read the first 4 chapters here.

A Few Tips on How to Fully Exploit Your Strength

Let’s assume for now that you have an idea of what your strength is. Here are a few ways you can fully lean into them:

  • Try something completely new or different – When is the last time you felt a bit challenged? Most of us are bored because we don’t introduce enough new things into our lives.
  • Attend a conference related to your strength – Just getting out of town can change your perspective. Allowing yourself to become fully immersed in an area of interest or strength for a few days can be incredibly energizing.
  • Reach out and connect with someone doing what you want to do – You know what I have discovered that was a surprise to me? Others are more ready to help then we often realize. Reach out to people doing the thing you wish you were doing and spend some time with them.
  • Attempt to create a “focus session” in order to fully immerse in your strength – Not all of us have control over our workday schedules. If you have some freedom, than work hard to schedule “focus sessions” each week. A focus session is 60-90 minutes of uninterrupted time in which you are able to become fully immersed into your strength. When is the last time you lost track of time in your work?


Question: How about you? What are some ways you have fully exploited your strengths? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


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    5 thoughts on “4 Ways to Fully Exploit Your Unique Strengths

    1. Tip No.3, reaching out…I actually did that by joining your TYP course on the BYPU website. You have been such a huge inspiration and I’m currently on Module 6, Part 2 of the course and you should see my Mindmap, it’s got more ideas on it than I thought I could possibly come up with! Thank you for helping me find my strengths! I can’t wait to share my finished product soon 🙂