5 Simple Ways to Become the Most Resourceful Person or Employee You Know

Can I share a secret with you? Become the most resourceful person you know and your life will change. I know it sounds like a big promise, but take a moment and look at the most influential people you know. You’d more than likely categorize them as resourceful.

Five simple ways to become the most resourceful person you know via jonathanmilligan.com

Resourceful people have the ability to:

  • Lead from the middle of the pack with their knowledge
  • Gain influence with peers with their possibility thinking
  • Become a “go to” person with their creativity

How do you become a resourceful person? The first step is a conscious choice. You have to want to become resourceful. You have to choose to be active, open your eyes, and take in life in a new way.

1. Prepare long before opportunity arrives

As it is often said, “When opportunity arrives, it is too late to prepare.”

Preparing way before opportunity arrives is not easy. Show me a lucky person and I’ll show you someone who’s been preparing backstage for years. Luck is when years of preparation meet sudden opportunity.

Here’s a practical way to cultivate a spirit of preparation. Use Evernote as your preparation system. Every good story, illustration, Bible verse, sermon, article or blog post that I find meaningful gets captured in Evernote.

I don’t even have a specific reason for capturing all of the above at the moment I do it. What I do know is when opportunity arrives to write that book or give that speech, I’ll be prepared.

“Show me a lucky person and I’ll show you someone who’s been preparing backstage for years.” [Tweet this]

2. Become an active learner in life and work

Those who get comfortable in life and business often get left behind. To avoid this, you must become an active learner.

An active learner is someone who:

  • Doesn’t  just read a book but weaves what he has learned into his everyday life
  • Doesn’t just buy a course but takes notes to more fully connect with what he is learning
  •  Doesn’t just have intentions of being a better parent, but takes meaningful steps to get involved

A practical tool you can use to become an active learner is Workflowy. It is a simple outlining tool you can use to capture what you are learning. Anytime I take a course or watch a video online, I have a separate window open to capture what I am learning.

3. Become the biggest giver of every relationship

How do you develop relationships with successful people? Become the biggest giver in the relationship. Instead of asking them to help you, how about you help them. What are their biggest struggles, challenges, or obstacles?

You have answers, insights, experience and ideas that can be helpful to others. Choose to be a giver.

4. Be a possibility thinker instead of a critic

Want to gain influence with your boss? Be the employee who is known for saying, “Well, have you thought about this…” Regardless of rank, we enjoy being around possibility thinkers.

One of the main reasons “readers are leaders” is because their mind is full of thoughts and ideas. They have become a deep reservoir of knowledge that others can draw from freely.

5. Decide to give way more than you receive out of life

I want to be known as someone who gave way beyond what he received out of life. Living this way does not come naturally. If you are a parent, you know this to be true. Our kids need to be taught the world does not revolve around them.

How would your week look differently if you intentionally chose to give well beyond what you received?

Question: In what ways have you chosen to become a resourceful person? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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    4 thoughts on “5 Simple Ways to Become the Most Resourceful Person or Employee You Know

    1. Fantastic list, this week I blogged on the need to be a life long learner!

      I think its necessary to become and stay a positive thinker, because those are the people others want to be around. Your influence is dependent on others gravitating towards you.

    2. Hi Jonathan thank you very much for good articles.I like the way you convey the message.My answer to your question is: Till know i have applied my knowledge in my job but nothing new so from today i am going to be a good learner and improve my skills….I will let you know how it works after a week….

      Thank you very much…