5 Things to Consider When Choosing an Executive Recruitment Company

Your business has an opening for a high-level executive which needs to be filled promptly. The role requires certain skills and experience which makes the process difficult.

What do you do?

Do you take on the role of recruiter yourself and spend hours searching for the right candidate? Or do you employ an executive recruitment company to do the job for you?

Before you make that decision you should think about some of the points below:

What exactly do Executive Recruitment Companies do?

executive recruitmentExecutives are classed as senior management and their roles usually involve specific skills and experience that can help businesses and organisations grow and develop. Executive recruitment companies specialise in finding and placing this particular type of candidate. They have access to a wealth of resources such as Internet databases and professional organisations, which can aid them in their executive search. This level of information is not always available to general recruitment agencies or individuals. It is worth considering what it is you need and whether this level of expertise is necessary.

What services do you need?

Your company may have an opening for an executive position to be filled quickly or perhaps multiple roles are required. If looking to do the recruitment yourself, do you have the necessary time and ability to find the right candidate? Executive recruiters can source candidates for you which exactly meet your criteria brief. Due to their very nature they will be far more efficient and cost effective in this capacity.

Do they come recommended?

Before choosing an executive recruitment company it is always important to ask for references and testimonials from clients who have used them. Any executive recruiter should be able to provide you with client details. Contact them directly to discuss their opinions on the recruitment company. You may also want to contact placed candidates themselves. They can give their views on how they felt they were treated and the recruitment process in general.

Justifying the greater cost

Most companies are given a strict budget for the recruitment process. This can affect the route taken to employ new staff. It’s true that executive recruitment companies can charge higher rates (between 20-35 per cent) but this can be justified by comparing it with the amount of time, resources and therefore cost it would have taken to go through the process internally. The amount of resources and mediums open to executive recruiters means you are more likely to get a higher standard of candidate and hence a better result output-wise for the company.

Will your company benefit?

It’s worth considering whether the higher cost of using a specialist recruiter will benefit your business in the long run? Since you can be very specific with your criteria you are cutting out a lot of time spent searching for the right candidate. The agency does the hard work finding the right person with the exact experience and skills you require. You are then presented with a list of suitable applicants to go forward and it’s up to you from that point, as to who you choose.

So, once you have considered the points above, you should have a better idea of what you need and which executive recruitment company to choose.

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