5 Things You Should Never Discuss During a Job Interview

A job interview is your chance to make the best impression possible. You want to be able to put your best foot forward, while at the same time, convincing them you are the right person for the job. Interviewing for a job is both an art and a science. The more job interviews you participate in the better comfort level you get with it.

This means not mentioning things that could be a turn off. Subjects like salary and compliments should never be brought up during an interview. Not only are some of the following subjects tacky, but they could ruin your chances of getting hired. The following are just five things you should never discuss during an interview.


Salary should never, ever be discussed during an interview. Asking about salary during an interview shows that you only care about one thing – money. The focus of the interview should be selling your skills to the interviewer and showing interest in the company by asking questions. You should also show your current knowledge of the company as a way to prove that you’re truly eager to work with the company.

Dissatisfaction With Current Your Job and/or Boss

Slamming your current job and boss is tacky. The interviewer doesn’t want to hear that your boss is unreasonable or that your job is boring. Making these kind of statements only shows that you may be hard to work with and are whiny. If the interviewer does as why you’re looking for another job, give a positive answer.

Working From Home

More and more employers are allowing employees to work from home at least a few days a week. This can be a major benefit, but should never be brought up during the interview. Doing so will make it seem like you don’t have interest in working in the thick of things alongside your coworkers. You should also never bring up vacation time and sick days. These subjects make it seem like you’re an employee that only cares about his next day off.


Even something as simple as, “Wow, that’s a gorgeous dress.” can be taken the wrong way. Complimenting the opposite sex will make the interviewer feel uncomfortable about hiring you. She will worry that people will think she hired you because your were flirting. Never put someone in this position, even if you’re just being nice.


You may believe that you don’t have any flaws, but that’s not what a company wants to hear. In fact, telling the interviewer that you don’t have any shortcomings can make her question your motives. She may wonder what you’re hiding. At the same time, don’t use cliched responses, such as being a perfectionist. Be honest.

Interviews are your chance to shine, but the wrong conversation topics could cause the interviewer to dismiss you as a good candidate. Be careful what you say during an interview so that you have the best chance at landing your next job. Lastly, be sure to take the time to write a nice thank you letter after the interview is over.



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    2 thoughts on “5 Things You Should Never Discuss During a Job Interview

    1. sorry but i always discuss salary at interviews and have never lost a job because of it. i’m not interested in working for someone who is reluctant to let me know what’s in it for me.

    2. who are you kidding — how can you write a nice letter after an interview. they try to remain anonymous the whole way through the interview and they continue to ask non-sensical questions – do you have a reliable car? YES, I drive a 1947 ‘generic’ which has never let me down. WHat do you drive and how is that relevant to an office job where you will be sitting at a desk 8-10 hours a day? Outrageous.

      The letter is just one more form of ‘compliment’ which you don’t want to do according to the article. Online job search and applications SUCK – IF YOU EVER get a reply from any of ’em — I just want to scream “hire me, hire me, I want a job – I want to be useful and I am a hell of a dedicated worker. And, YES, I want to earn a decent PAY. (Another NO-NO, really? that is so ludicrous. how many people on the face of the earth want to work for minimum wage at a demeaning job. Where is the empathy?)
      Then I have experienced the interview where after shaking hands and saying I am still interested, the interviewer has the brass to say to me, “I’m sorry the job has already been filled?” Yeah, I want to write a letter for that one!! And it isn’t going to be a thank you for seeing me.