5 Ways to Make Unemployment Your New Job

Transitioning to unemployment status is not fun for most people. With it comes stress, anxiety, lack of confidence, frustration and much more. We often get in a downward spiral quickly if we are not careful. The rest of our lives are affected like toppling dominoes.

We stop getting the rest that we need. We are too discouraged to exercise. We have no desire to live on a budget because it only discourages us. We treat our family relationships poorly. We have to break the cycle in order to get back on track.

Whether you realize it or not, you are carrying all those negative emotions into the interview room. You may not see it, but others can. It could be the main reason as to why you are not getting the job offer.

How to Make Unemployment Your New Job

What I often encourage job seekers do is to make their unemployment their new job. Instead of moping around, watching Price is Right daily, and spending the day in your bath robe, take the opportunity to work for yourself.

Here are some ideas for you:

Making Unemployment Your New Job1. Wake up and get dressed for the day – Starting off your day right is so very important. If you look lazy, you will probably be lazy the rest of the day. Instead, why not wake up, have a good breakfast, get a shower, and get dressed for the day. It will help your physiology.

2. Commute to your home office – Set a pre-determined time to be at work. Your new job is to find a job. Put as much time, energy and effort into your job search as if it were your new job. Too many people put in such a half-hearted effort in their job search. If checking Monster.com daily is your plan, you need a new plan.

3. Set-up a job search plan – I will be talking about this in the up-coming 30 Day Job Search Challenge. Do you have an organized plan of attack in finding a new job? Are you even aware of the companies that exist within a reasonable commute?

4. Determine your working hours – Decide how many hours a day you are going to spend on job hunting. Keep them at all costs. Set up lunch appointments for the purpose of networking, Keep track of conversations in an excel spreadsheet. Work just as hard finding a new job as you would working for a boss.

5. Find something to be successful at daily – maintaining a positive attitude is so crucial in searching for a job. What can you be successful at today? Maybe it is in the area of your health. Walk or jog a mile each day during lunch. It will burn stress and boost your confidence as well. Find something to be successful at daily.

If you are unemployed right now, then I want to encourage you to make your unemployment your new job.

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