015: 5 Ways to Relax and Enjoy Life More [Podcast]

Do you see the value of a single day? It is so easy to walk right past life. We often waste days because we are working for a day off in the distant future when we can relax. Why not today? Handle the worries of tomorrow….tomorrow.

One of the greatest life skills you can develop is learning to relax. Americans are so driven. We often let strange things drive us. We go 150 miles an hour in our job to achieve our 2 weeks of vacation.

We were not built to be goal achieving robots all of the time. Our bodies need both mental and physical rest. I offer you 5 ways to relax and enjoy life more.


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5 Ways to Relax and Enjoy Life More


1. Slow down

Why do we need to be in a hurry? A few months ago, I took my family to Jekyll Island for a day of bike riding. Before we pulled out of our driveway, I gave them 3 rules.

  • Rule #1: Take a deep breath
  • Rule #2: Relax and go slow
  • Rule #3: Have fun

We had to remind each other of our rules throughout the day, but it was the best day I’ve had in a long time. Do we really need to always be in a hurry? Why not have an afternoon picnic in the backyard instead of eating around the television for dinner? Why not drive the speed limit and just enjoy the ride?

2. Wake up earlier

Mornings used to be stressful around our house. We often shoved our faces for breakfast and yelled at each other several times in the morning. Just by waking up earlier and leaving a few minutes earlier we solved 99% of our stressful mornings.

You want to know the biggest reason as to why we are not more kind? Lack of margin. Kindness happens in the margin of life. Kindness happens when we are not on our agenda but instead we are open and available to be kind. Try waking up earlier and getting started off right.

“Kindness happens when we are not on our agenda but instead we are open and available to be kind.” [tweet that]

3. Make room for the faults of others

We are so quick to judge others. Yet, we ask for others to give us a break. You can relax and enjoy life more if you just learn to make room for others’ faults. They are not perfect, but that’s okay. They don’t always make the right choices, but that’s okay. They are not always considerate of you, but that’s okay.

Sometimes the problem lies with us. We think too much of ourselves to begin with.

4. Live in the moment

This is so hard for many of us to do. Our minds are elsewhere most of the time. When we are home, we think about work. When we are at work, we think about being home. Slow down and force yourself to be engaged in the moment.

Living in the present moment does not come naturally for most of us men. Your wife wants to have a conversation with you, but your mind is engaged elsewhere. Get within 5 feet of her when you get home at the end of the day and give her 5 minutes of your attention. Learn to live in the moment.

5. Get some good rest (mentally & physically)

God designed our bodies to need rest. There is no way around it. You need rest like you need exercise. Rest is not just for the weak. You also need mental rest. I take an internet/technology fast at least once a week.

For 24 hours, I refrain from email, blogging and the internet. I instead enjoy being outside, going somewhere, or just enjoying the relationships in my life.

Do you need to relax more? Are you enjoying life right now? You can. Start taking some of the above suggestions seriously.

Question: What are a few ways you have learned to relax and enjoy life more? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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