6 Tips on How to Survive Unemployment

One of the most devastating, life-changing events that can happen to anyone is the loss of a job. Having experienced this myself on more than one occasion, the uncertainty, fear, shame, humiliation and guilt can become unbearable.
What can you do to survive unemployment? Be proactive!

Here are six tips on how to survive unemployment, which will help you navigate to a new career:

1.Embrace your career transition – Focus on your new beginning! Motivate yourself daily to overcome feelings of failure, shame and anger. A major component to finding your next career opportunity is a positive attitude.

2.Positive communication – When speaking to others use terms such as “career transition” and “Job transition” instead of “job loss” or “unemployed” to describe your current employment situation. Talk about opportunities and your next endeavors. Don’t speak negatively about your previous employer. Using positive words will lead to a positive result.

3.List your skills – Develop a list of all your skills, career or personal accomplishments, company and industry awards. This list will serve to validate that your skills are in demand in this new job marketplace. You are more marketable than you think!

Survive Unemployment4.Networking – Stay Connected! A key to landing your next job will be whom you know. Get involved with professional associations, faith based organizations, libraries, friends you haven’t spoken to, employment seminars and even those who are in career transition themselves.

Meet with people in other industries, you can get a wealth of valuable information. Read as much as you can. A great book to help you develop your networking skills is called Brag! The Art Of Tooting Your Own Horn Without Blowing It. Also, remember to use the social media’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

5.Create a support group – Contact four people who will be able to support you professionally, personally and emotionally, and who is willing to meet with you on a regular basis. This will keep you focused on the career transition process and provide a way for you to test techniques, which can shorten your career transition.

6.Share your story – Be willing to help others as they go through their job transition. Sharing your story is therapeutic for you and for those who hear it.
Your support of others also widens your networking circle.

Remember! Your “Setback” is only preparing you for a greater “Comeback”.

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    1. Great tips, I would also suggest joining an Expert Network like Maven Research, CognoLink or Gerson Lehrman Group. They connect business professionals with investors or organizations seeking product or market knowledge for 30 to 60 minuted “micro-consultations.” They pay well and offer an excellent opportunity to network. For a list of more than 30 different networks, see theexpertnetworks.com.