036: 7 Reasons to Push Past Fear and Try Something New

When I was just 22 years of age, I was thrust into a speaking engagement with over 600 church pastors in attendance. What made this challenge even more scary is each had a grading sheet in hand. Talk about pressure.

Seven Reasons to Push Past Fear and Try Something New

My college degree was in Church Ministries and one of the required classes was Homiletics, which is the art of speaking or delivering messages to an audience. I was selected as one of the top 3 in my class, which received the opportunity to be judged by over 600 pastors during the college graduation week festivities. Some reward, right?

I still remember some of the thoughts that raced through my mind:

  • Who am I? I’m just a kid when it comes to this stuff.
  • Do I really posses the ability to deliver a message that can be impactful to others?
  • Is this something that God has even given me the ability to do?

To make it worse – right before I went on stage, a pastor tapped my on the shoulder and said, “Do you know who is sitting behind you? It’s so and so who is the pastor of one of the largest churches in the South. Just thought you should know.”

Thanks, that just made it much easier.

I did my thing the best I knew how. To my surprise I was voted number one by the pastors in attendance that day. But that wasn’t the biggest lesson I learned.

When you get to the end of your life, you will treasure the moments you decided to push past fear and try something new. Your experiences in life will mean more to you than your possessions.

When I find myself settling in life, I immediately look for something new that both scares and excites me at the same time. Here are at least 7 reasons you need to push past fear on a regular basis.

When You Push Past Fear…


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1. It lifts the lid on what’s possible – We all place lids on our own potential. You never can know for sure until you try. The fruit is often out at the end of the limb.

2. It builds confidence into your life – Want to be empowered? Try something new. When is the last time you surprised yourself?

3. It helps you from getting complacent – Being content and being complacent is two entirely different things. Don’t get complacent.

4. It teaches you something new about yourself – When you push past fear you discover talents and abilities you didn’t know you had.

5. It inspires those around you to take big leaps – It’s been said that even the most introverted person will influence close to 10,000 people in their lifetime. People are inspired by you when you take risks.

6. It brings color to a black and white existence – When we fall into a rut it removes the color and spice out of life. Do something out of the ordinary today and add color into your life.

7. It places the focus more on who you are becoming than what you are trying to accomplish – I remember a quote from Jim Rohn that said: “Pursue earning a million dollars not for what you will get but because of what it will make of you in the process.”

My good friend Dennis McIntee often says that if you can get your behavior right everything else will take care of itself. Maybe you need to just focus on “becoming” instead of what you are trying to accomplish.

How about you? What benefits have you received from pushing past your fears?

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