7 Reasons You Should Still Job Hunt During the Holiday Season

 Over the years, I have seen may job seekers slow down their job hunt once Thanksgiving comes along. They typically wait until the first of the year to pick up where they left off. Is this smart to do? 

After all, we know that job openings still exist. At the same time, we know that people take time off work during the holiday season as well. In a moment, I am going to share with you 7 reasons why you should continue your job search. Before I do, I have a question to ask:

What are some reasons why we don’t job hunt over the holidays?

  • We convince ourselves that all job hunts come to a halt
  • We want a break from looking for a job and it seems like a good excuse.
  • We get bad advice from others who tell us to wait til after the holidays
  • We think all hiring managers are waiting to offer jobs after the New Year.

They seem like good reasons, right? Well, after several years of Executive Recruiting I can tell you that people do get hired during the Holidays. In fact, the month of December has even been my highest placement month before. How’s that for a shocker? 

7 Reasons You Should Still Job Hunt During the Holiday Season

When I first entered the world of recruiting, I mistakenly assumed that all job searches came to a complete halt. After feeling the pain of other recruiters, placing my candidates on jobs, I changed my mind. Here are several reasons why you should continue to search during the Holidays. 

  1. There is less competition to compete against.
  2. Hiring Managers are typically in a better mood.
  3. The “pain” of having an open position and work not getting done is still there for the Hiring Manager.
  4. A Hiring Manager wants to hurry up and get the job filled before taking off for the Holidays.
  5. Networking is easier as people show more goodwill
  6. Internal promotions sometimes happen at the end of the year thus opening up new positions.
  7. Less people in the office means more time for the Hiring Manager to sift through resumes. 

Question: What advice would you offer about searching for work during the Holidays?

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