8 Funny Drawbacks to Working in a Cubicle [Infographic]

Have you sold your boss on the idea of telecommuting yet? We’d be willing to bet that once you start working from home you’ll begin to miss your trusty old friends: the cubicle walls. Although we’ve listed eight cubicle life drawbacks here, there’s a big upside to working in a cubicle.

Where else can you stick pins and thumbtacks and not worry about immediately drawing blood or later having to spackle? Cubicle walls are perhaps mankind’s most forgiving invention.

Even though we poke fun at the lack of outlets in the typical cubicle office space, we prefer to think of it is a throwback to the good old days when the kitchen in an average home only had one outlet and its fuse blew every time someone plugged in the waffle iron.

Don’t see yourself as inconvenienced; picture yourself as a pioneer. And if you finally get the okay to telecommute, who will you brainstorm with? For all its drawbacks, the typical open office cubicle environment can be ideal for promoting collaboration and cooperation. You see, it’s not the cubicle itself that’s to blame. It’s usually our attitude about our workspace that’s the problem, and changing our attitude is really as easy as changing that dated picture in our family photo cube. Just pull the old one out and slip a fresh one in.

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Working in a Cubicle

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