8 Questions to Ask to Discover Your True Calling

Over the past decade, I have worked with hundreds of workplace professionals that cover a wide range of skill sets. I have coached fresh graduates and successful business executives. Regardless of income level, we all want 3 things.

We want to have a central life purpose the gives us significance. We want to do work that matters and contributes to a bigger cause in some way. We want to enjoy the work that we do.

If you are trying to discover your true calling in life, then I want to help. First, let me say that discovering your true calling is often a process and is revealed to you over time. Still, the first step is often self discovery. This is a skill that many of us in America have overlooked. We often head straight to the job boards and what we make us the most money. This is probably the main reason that 54% surveyed said that they do not enjoy their jobs.

8 Questions to Ask to Discover Your True Calling

Here is a list of questions that can begin that self discovery process in your life. By taking the time to ask these questions, you can begin to reveal the real you.

1. What is the core message of my life?

Discover Your True CallingDo you have a purpose when it comes to your work? Wee I believe that all of us have a central life purpose when it comes to our work. From that purpose, we can choose any number of careers. Inside of those careers, we can have any number of jobs.

2. What motivates me to do a job well?

We are all motivated by something. Some of us are motivated by things that do not motivate others. What motivates you to give your best? What drives you? What causes you to move toward a goal?

3. What values are important to me?

What is it that matters most to you? It is an important question to ask. This is where many people can become sidetracked. You can easily begin to live for other people’s values. In fact, right now you might be living someone else’s dream. What is it that matters to you?

4. What are my natural skills and abilities?

All of us have natural talents in some areas. What are the things that come easy to you? Chances are those things may not be easy for everyone. If you are unsure, ask someone else what your natural abilities and skills are.

5. What work-related experience have I already had that proved to work well?

For those of you that have a little bit of experience under your belt, you are able to test things out instead of just going off of theory. Chances are you have worked in a variety of different types of positions. Some of which you felt more comfortable in than others.

6. What is my ideal working environment and culture?

Your personality plays big into this. Do not run away from it or even wish that you were more like someone else. Just be you. You may work best in a fast paced, up beat work culture. You may be built for a slow, even-paced culture. You may shine best in groups or you might put together your best work when you are alone.

7. Are there realistic job options currently available to me?

This question causes you to get your head out of the clouds and take a look at the reality around you. What type of job opportunities even exists that meet your answers above? Do not rule anything out. Let this be a brainstorming session for you. List down the possible careers, even if they require additional schooling.

8. In light of my answers above, what career or job opportunity do I want to pursue next?

Now, it is time to narrow our focus. We have taken a deep look inside, we have considered possible career options, and now we need to head in a direction. Based on your current situation, what makes the most sense? Now, move toward that option with everything you have!

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