A Review of the Real Life Accounting Program

Many business owners understand the frustration of learning how to use accounting packages. While there are various accounting programs out there for the experts, none of them quite compares to Real Life Accounting .

Real Life Accounting caters to those who need to learn accounting right from the beginning. In this Real Life Accounting review, you will discover why this package is the perfect solution for all of your business’ accounting needs.

Two Available Courses

Let’s examine the two different courses that Real life Accounting has to offer. This is unique because of the fact that many online accounting courses either cater for the beginner or the expert. Real Life Accounting takes this a step further by providing course content for everyone.

Real Life Accounting ReviewThe first course they offer is called ‘The Heart of Accounting’. This is a 4 hour introductory course which includes a bonus section of practice worksheets. ‘The Accounting for Non-Accountants’ is a somewhat more in depth course which offers 20 hours worth of tuition that covers the basics of accounting. Once the course is completed, a Certificate of Completion is awarded to the participant.

Free Additional Resources

Not only is the course material included in the cost, but there are also numerous free resources which can be utilized. These include handy business calculators, accounting templates for both debits and credits and an accounting dictionary which is an indispensable resource for those who are beginner accountants. Access to the ‘Accounting for Non-Accountants’ blog is also free. This is where your accounting questions can be answered personally by Barbara and John Aue. A free downloadable eBook is included in the course fee which covers four important things to do before starting a business.

A Definite Step Ahead of the Rest

Many former students think that this system is definitely far superior to other accounting training packages out there. Not many accounting training programs offer as much as Real Life Accounting does at such affordable prices. For those who wish to take complete control over their business accounting, signing up for both courses will save you a lot of money because of the fact that you will no longer have to pay others to do your accounting for you.

This means that tax returns need not be a nightmare any longer, because once you have completed these two training courses, you will know exactly what is required and how to do it quickly and professionally.

So here is a good summary: Real Life Accounting training is ideal for those who want to take full control over their businesses and save money in the process. It is an ideal course for those who have never taken accounting before or need a refresher, because it teaches a person how to perform accounting tasks in ways which are easy enough for anyone to understand.

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