Accounts Payable Job Description: What Exactly Does an AP Professional Do?

Each week on my blog, I am going to highlight a different career field in accounting. I am surprised at how limited most accounting professionals are in their knowledge of other career choices in accounting. Although today’s choice may seem basic, it could be helpful information for those who are looking to get started in accounting.

I am going to cover a detailed Accounts Payable job description for you so you can understand what a typical day might look like for a professional working in Accounts Payable. The below can also be used as a sample accounts payable job description for resume.

Accounts Payable Job Description

General Purpose: Carry out accounting and paperwork tasks related to the actual efficient maintenance as well as processing of company accounts payable transactions.

Accounts Payable Description Duties: One of the main parts of an Accounts Payable job description is to review invoices as well as check requests; sort, organize and match bills and check demands; set invoices up for payment procedure ;check requests; put together and process company accounts payable checks, wire exchanges and ACH obligations; reconciliation of obligations; prepare analysis associated with accounts; monitor company accounts to ensure payments to be up to date; resolve bill discrepancies; vendor document maintenance; correspond along with vendors and react to inquiries; produce month-to-month reports; assist in 30 days end closing;

Training and Experience: understanding of accounts payable; knowledge of common accounting procedures; understanding of relevant computer programs proficient in data admittance and management; 1-4 years of accounts payable and general accounting exposure and experience.

Crucial Competencies: organizing as well as prioritizing ability; attention to fine detail and accuracy; discretion; judgment; communication abilities; information and data management skills and problem-solving abilities

If you want specific help in designing a accounts payable resume that gets

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results, I do take on clients and work with them personally (subject to availability). Most AP professionals that I have met over the years really enjoy their work in accounts payable. To love this job long term you have to really enjoy repetitive tasks and an established routine.

You do not have to earn a four year accounting degree to work this position either. If you are switching careers and want to know if accounting is a good fit, then an Accounts Payable job is not a bad place to start at all. In fact, if you are developing an accounts payable resume, it needs to have the above mentioned items in there as much as possible.

An Accounts Payable job will allow you to sink your teeth into the world of accounting and see if it is something you would enjoy. Feel free to add the Accounts Payable Jobs description in the comments below if you have more to offer then what I have already provided.

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    1. I am switching careers and I am hoping you can assist me. I was working for a Non Profit as a Project Coordinator and I want to get into accounting. Many employers won’t hire anyone without experience. How can I sell my self so employers can give me an opportunity to work in the accounts payable department? thank you so much for you help.
      Greatly appreciate your assistance.

    2. sir
      i hv a 4 yrs experience in accounts payable, now i wants to be a Assistant manager in accounts payable jobs. Pls send me a good cv so that i can apply for the post and also your valuable career guidance

    3. You are completely right, there is so much to this job.  Chq runs specially take a lot of time.