012: 4 Reasons Why I Love My Stand Up Desk [Podcast]

Stand up desks have become quite the rage these days. There are even treadmill desks to promote exercise while you are working. It just seems to dangerous for me personally. However, I love my stand up desk. I constructed my first stand up desk about two years ago. Over time it has migrated into a […]

why I love my stand up desk

010: 3 Easy Steps to Managing Distractions [Podcast]

Do you find yourself easily distracted during your workday? You must be proactive about finding times in your day when you are completely focused. I like to call them “focus sessions.” I will be explaining how to set this up in a future post, but today I want to talk about the biggest enemy of […]

how to manage distractions

009: 4 Goal Setting Mistakes + My Personal Workbook [Podcast]

The gym was packed! All of the exercise equipment I was used to having the freedom to use, I now had to wait for! A friend at the gym must have seen my frustration because he calmly replied, “Just give it a week.” You guessed it. It was the first week in January.  He was right. Within a […]

common goal setting mistakes

How to Eliminate Broken Focus and Overwhelm with Evernote

Over 100 years ago, Charles Schwab desperately wanted to increase the efficiency of his management team. He approached Ivy Lee, who was a well-known time management expert, in an effort to find a solution. Ivy claimed he had the solution and could teach it to Mr. Schwab’s management team in just 15 minutes. Charles agreed, […]

The Only 2 Essential Roles You Need to Be Successful as a Creative [EverFocus]

This post is part of a 7-part series on a simple system I use with Evernote to get things done. Take a moment and read part 1: The 4 Essential Rules You Cannot Avoid. If you “create” your work for a living (blogger, writer, speaker, entrepreneur), then you often fight how to get it all […]

005: The Tension Between Goals and Gratitude [Podcast]

Today is a re-broadcast of a podcast episode that I recorded over a year ago. I recently finished an excellent book by Jeff Goins entitled The In-Between: Embracing the Tension Between Now and the Next Big Thing. As I was reading this book it reminded of this podcast episode and post. Enjoy! There is a […]

the tension between goals and gratitude