How to Conduct an Informational Interview

Informational interviews are the less-stressful version of job interviews. Still, do you know how to conduct an informational interview? Unlike job interviews, during informational interviews, you get to ask the questions. Also, the pressure is off since you aren’t up for a position—you’re just simply asking someone questions about his or her job. Think of […]

How Not to Dress for a Job Interview

Attending interviews can be a pain-staking process, which we’ve all had to endure at some point or another. There especially comes a period in most people’s lives, when they will attend job interview after job interview, to no avail. This is especially true now, more than ever, with the recession, as competition for jobs are […]

4 Killer Follow Up Emails When You’ve Heard Nothing After the Interview

Copy and paste these emails and get a 2nd interview!

Alright, the interview went well but it has been two weeks and you have heard nothing. You even wrote a nice job interview thank you letter. Now, you are scratching your head right? What do you do when you haven’t heard back after the interview? How could everything be so positive and then just silence. […]

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Day 28 – The Follow Up Activity That You Must Do 5 Minutes after the Job Interview

If you want to start the 30 Day Job Search Challenge from the beginning, then click here. We are on Day 28 of the 30 Day Job Search Challenge. Today I want to give you a job interview follow up activity that most people will never do. It is important that you do not skip […]

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Day 25 – How to Prepare for an Interview in 4 Easy Steps

We have covered a ton of material in our 30 day job search challenge together. As a quick review, here is a look at the big picture so far: Module #1: Know Yourself (Discover Your Ideal Work) Module #2: Brand Yourself (Display your strengths online and on your resume) Module #3: Market Yourself (How to […]

6 Tips on How to Handle a Panel Interview

Do you know how to handle a panel interview? Most job seekers are terrified of a panel interview. A Panel interview is when you have multiple people firing questions at you. I think the intimidation factor comes into play because we have a “Hollywood” understanding of panel interviews. We see them more as interrogations. Cold, […]

6 Common 2nd Interview Questions

This is a guest post written by Michael Florentin. Michael is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about social media, job searching and building careers. Anyone who has ever gone to a job interview will probably tell you that it was a stressful experience. In today’s job market employers have the luxury of picking and […]

How to Use the Star Interview Method and Get Hired!

Okay, you’ve been hunting for a job for the past four months now. You’ve searched various avenues, submitted numerous cover letters, resumes, and applications. Good job so far. Now guess what? Your phone rings, and you’ve been chosen to interview for a position that you’re really excited about! Yay! But wait a minute. It’s not quite time to congratulate yourself with a new iPad just […]