7 Reasons You Should Still Job Hunt During the Holiday Season

 Over the years, I have seen may job seekers slow down their job hunt once Thanksgiving comes along. They typically wait until the first of the year to pick up where they left off. Is this smart to do?  After all, we know that job openings still exist. At the same time, we know that […]

Impress Others in 3 Easy Steps and Land the Job of your Dreams

It’s an oft-repeated term that “first impressions last.” Really. We’ve been told many times over that we need to look respectable, at least decent, in front of others. For the nth time, moms would tell their kids to comb their hair or wipe the milk off their face, teachers and coaches would remind their class […]

The Job Search, Part 3: Building Your Personal Brand Online

In today’s job market, any serious job seeker is leaning hard on the Internet to find a position that’s right for them. But online activity is a two-way street: businesses are increasingly using online searches, social media profiles and personal portfolio sites to gauge the reputation and potential of job candidates. A lot can be […]

The Job Search, Part 2: Becoming an Effective Communicator

Communication gaps can create a world of problems whether they occur in the work place or in the process of finding a job. While conversational skills are a valuable asset, communication in the professional world can take many forms. If you aren’t experienced or trained in how to handle these interactions, it could reflect poorly […]

The 2 Most Important Skills in Every Job Search

Let’s face it. Searching for a new job is no fun. Just the thought of “hitting the trail” discourages many people. Updating your resume. Polishing your interview skills. Expanding your networking relationships. There are too many skills to keep track off. Where should you spend your time? What is the fastest way to a new […]

[New Kindle Book] A Proven Formula to Discover the Work You Love

Why were we not given a career manual in college? A proven formula that could direct our paths. When I was entering college, choosing a career was similar to walking through the buffet line. What looks good? Maybe I should try this or that. Choosing work that you love should have a deeper connection than […]

Day 14 – How to Get Your Resume to Rank in Google

Today is the final step in module #2 Brand Yourself. Next week we will move into how to market yourself and begin uncovering hidden positions. I want to encourage you to follow-thru on today’s exercise. I recently encouraged a CFO to implement this strategy and hae saw over 200+ views of his resume within 48 […]