Why Do Employers Do Credit Checks?

One question I am often asked is “Why do employers do credit checks?” I understand their rational after all criminal checks seem to be the most important. An employer wants to know if they are hiring someone with a prior criminal record. I have worked personally with hundreds of companies and their hiring practices vary […]

Filling the Employment Gaps: How Volunteering Can Help

You’ve gone on countless number of interviews but can’t catch a break. If you think that those gaps of employment may be to blame, you could be right. There are two ways you can handle employment gaps. You can try addressing the employment gaps head on and try being honest about the situation—although this isn’t […]

How to Use Google Local to Find Lots of Employers in Your Area

Oftentimes you will hear me say that one of the missing “skills” of most career professionals today is awareness. Specifically I am referring to the employers that are located right inside of your city. Sure you know about the big employers, but what about the smaller ones? Did you know that the overwhelming majority of […]

How to Beat Unemployment

During these tough economic times, joblessness is common, and getting a new job can take months, even for highly qualified candidates. During these long months of unemployment it is easy to doubt yourself, whether you are doing everything you can, or whether you’ll ever find a job again. As much as we try to separate […]

How to Find the Best Entry Level Accounting and Finance Jobs

Success Magazine recent published some alarming statistics related to the under-25 age group. The current unemployment rate for the under-25 group is at 54%. Over 84% of college graduates are moving back in with their parents and accepting positions with low pay that do not require a degree. Although I am just one person, I […]

How to Look for a Job

I was recently on the phone with a coaching client and his main struggle was that he sincerely did not know how to look for a job. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t because he has been lazy and never worked, but that all of the jobs up to this point had come to him. […]

Are Jobs on Craigslist Worth My Time?

Today, I want to discuss a well-known site called CraigsList. For those that aren’t familiar with it, the site started as a big free online classifieds website. It has evolved over time and includes much more including job postings. The question we are going to explore today is: “Are jobs on Craigslist worth my time?” […]