Why You Need 100 Networking Leads for Your Job Search

Search for a new job takes time, effort, and energy. It especially takes time if you are already working a full time job and have responsibilities at home. This limits your time availability to locate a new job. We all know that job searching takes effort. Sure, some job opportunities find you, but most of […]

Day 22 – How to Use a Mindmap for Better Career Networking

We have spent a lot of time on how to network using Linkedin. I am now going to place our focus on old-fashioned networking tips that still work. If you want to start this 30 Day Job Search Challenge from the beginning, then just click here. I love to use mind maps in every area […]

How to Find a Headhunter

You need to have a strategy beyond refreshing the online job boards. You need to be networking and getting your name out there. One job search strategy that you ought to have in your tool box is working with headhunters. I am going to provide you some tips on how to find a headhunter. Not […]