024: The Main Reason You’ll Never Accomplish Your Goal [Podcast]

Why do we struggle so much in reaching our goals? Why are new habits so difficult to start? Why are bad habits so difficult to get rid of? There is a simple reason why you will never really change. I’ll share that one reason with you in just a bit. First, let’s explore why actually […]

Why You Will Never Accomplish Your Goals

A Simple Guide to an Amazing Year [Goal Setting Workbook]

I want to share with you a simple goal setting workbook you can use to have an amazing year. The truth is this is probably way different than any type of goal setting you have done in the past. The following guide is a combination of 3 trusted sources*, along with some of my own thoughts. […]

goal setting workbook

023: 5 Anger Management Techniques That Work [Podcast]

While I am not a licensed therapist, this blog is dedicated to providing simple tips in an effort to establish simple habits. While I have never endorsed that life is simple, I do believe that simple steps at the right time can provide big returns. Do you have any anger management techniques that you turn […]

5 Anger Management Techniques That Work

020: 3 Habits You Should Do Every Morning [Podcast]

There is nothing better than starting off your day right. There is nothing worse than starting your day off wrong. You have the power to choose. Are you strategic about your mornings? If you want to be intentional, you have to do it first thing in the morning. Bottom line. Let’s use exercise as an […]

3 Habits You Should Do Every Morning

019: 4 Productivity Questions I Ask Myself Daily [Podcast]

Do you talk to yourself? The truth is we all talk to ourselves on a daily basis more than we think. How you think on a daily basis affects your productivity. If you don’t like what you are saying to yourself, the good news is you can change it. Self awareness and attention management are […]

4 productivity questions I ask myself daily

018: 5 Amazing Benefits for Starting an Early Morning Walk [Podcast]

A few years ago I started waking up early and doing a morning walk. For most of my life I have been a night person. I naturally come alive at 10pm. It can even be difficult for me to fall asleep at night because my mind does not shut off. I know what “silence is deafening” […]

benefits of an early morning walk

017: 3 Keys to Living Life with Excellence [Podcast]

Guess what? Life isn’t perfect. Every day doesn’t go your way. Sometimes we fail. Other times we don’t measure up. That being said, how shall we then live? I am convinced whether you’re currently on a mountain peak or in a deep valley, the only way to live is with excellence. A few questions for […]

3 keys to living life with excellence

014: The Art of Creating Space to Think [Podcast]

I don’t know about you, but my best ideas rarely come to me while working. My best ideas come to me when my mind has space to think. Why is that? Scott Dinsmore over at Living Your Legend says that creativity disappears the moment pressure is applied. Pressure often happens when we are in the […]

How to create space to think

012: 4 Reasons Why I Love My Stand Up Desk [Podcast]

Stand up desks have become quite the rage these days. There are even treadmill desks to promote exercise while you are working. It just seems to dangerous for me personally. However, I love my stand up desk. I constructed my first stand up desk about two years ago. Over time it has migrated into a […]

why I love my stand up desk