018: 5 Amazing Benefits for Starting an Early Morning Walk [Podcast]

A few years ago I started waking up early and doing a morning walk. For most of my life I have been a night person. I naturally come alive at 10pm. It can even be difficult for me to fall asleep at night because my mind does not shut off. I know what “silence is deafening” […]

benefits of an early morning walk

017: 3 Keys to Living Life with Excellence [Podcast]

Guess what? Life isn’t perfect. Every day doesn’t go your way. Sometimes we fail. Other times we don’t measure up. That being said, how shall we then live? I am convinced whether you’re currently on a mountain peak or in a deep valley, the only way to live is with excellence. A few questions for […]

3 keys to living life with excellence

007: 4 Reasons Why Your Personal Habits Determine Your Future [Podcast]

Have you ever suddenly woke up in life and realized, “How did I get here?” It is so easy to drift in life without even realizing it. Your habits determine your future. It is a universal law you cannot avoid. It is as strong as gravity in your life. The sum of your present life […]

your personal habits determine your future

Developing the Art of Slowing Down with Jeff Goins [Podcast]

When’s the last time you slowed down and just enjoyed the moment? Laughing on the front porch swing with friends? Enjoying a home cooked meal and conversation with family around the dinner table? Has your hurried life caused you to miss out on the beauty of an average moment? I recently had the opportunity to […]

the in-between book review jeff goins

006: 4 Simple Life Principles to Live By [Podcast]

I have a simple message to send to you today. These 4 principles are incredibly powerful if we live by them. I myself at times have lived as if these principles were not in existence. These simple life principles work well no matter the situation, age, belief system, race, or gender. Life has its ups […]

simple life principles to live by

003: 6 Ways to Handle Difficult People [Podcast]

I am sure some of us at times wish we could escape to the mountains and live as far as possible from certain people. Sorry, it’s just not how life works. Difficult people can exist in every area of life, including work, home, friends, and extended family. Here are 5 difficult personality types that many […]

how to handle difficult people

Life Between the Panels – 3 Surprising Reasons to Find Joy in the Waiting

We currently have a 40 minute wait. Not exactly the words we want to hear outside of a restaurant on a Sunday afternoon. Waiting – for most of us – equates to drudgery. We never look forward to waiting. But what if the greatest gifts in life came from waiting? Would we then begin to […]

the in-between book review