Job Interview Questions and Answers – Are You Prepared?

You’ve just been called in for a job interview in three days. As you prepare, you wonder what types of questions you’ll be asked. It is a good practice for you during your job search to read over some sample interview questions ahead of time. Thinking through your answers ahead of time can be one […]

My Favorite Resume Writing Tips

Before you’re invited for an interview, your prospective employer needs to know that you have the potential to do the job. Your resume is the tool that accomplishes this task. Whatever you do, do not overlook the importance of having a well thought out resume. While there are more resume writing tips online than how […]

The Pros and Cons of the Yaeger CPA Review Course

Certified Public Accountant (CPA), is a title for all qualified accountants in the United States. Only successful candidates who pass the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination along with additional state education and requisite experience are certified with this title. Only licensed CPA in the United States are able to audit documents and financial statements. There […]

The 4 Best Open Source Accounting Software

Accounting can seem like a daunting and often impossible task to a new business owner. While business owners can pay top dollar for the best accounting software available, there are free and much more user friendly options available. Open source accounting software offers the same features as fee based software without a price tag. We […]

6 Tips on How to Survive Unemployment

One of the most devastating, life-changing events that can happen to anyone is the loss of a job. Having experienced this myself on more than one occasion, the uncertainty, fear, shame, humiliation and guilt can become unbearable. What can you do to survive unemployment? Be proactive! Here are six tips on how to survive unemployment, […]

3 Facts to Consider About Background Checks for Employment

I have a statistic that just might surprise you. Close to 90% of all citizens in the United States have a documented record to their name. While I will admit most are not of the “unemployable” variety, there is still a high need to check out the people you are hiring. Some of these documented records can […]

What is the Best Free Accounting Software Download Available?

Let’s admit it…we all like free, right? What about when it comes to Accounting Software? What is the best free accounting software download available? Should we trust free accounting software? These are all good questions. Selecting the right accounting software package is important regardless if you are a small business or a large enterprise. Being […]

How to Overcome Being Pigeonholed in Your Career

Have you ever experienced the career pigeonhole? Maybe you have never heard that term used in the context of the workplace. Being pigeonholed means that you have been given a very narrow work assignment to perform everyday. This often happens in larger companies. In fact, it is one of the dangers of working in larger […]