The Key Missing Ingredient in Your Job Search

Those of you that follow my blog on a regular basis, know a little bit about my background. I have spent several years working as an Executive Recruiter for Accounting & Finance professionals. In my career I have worked with entry level candidates all the way to executive level and all points in between. There […]

What to Wear to an Interview – The Essential Checklist

Today I am going to tackle the question: What to wear to an interview? This is important because employers not only evaluate your skills and abilities, but they also take into consideration your visual presentation as well. This is especially important for those positions that require face time with a company’s clients. Who they send […]

Accounting Software for Small Business

Selecting the right accounting software for small business is an important decision. Watching and paying attention to the numbers is vitally important as you work toward growing your business. Many entrepreneurs do not always pay attention to the numbers like they should. They often focus on the profit, marketing and sales side of things constantly […]

Do You Have a Good “Tell Me About Yourself” Answer?

Today, we are going to tackle probably the most common interview question out there. You would probably be surprised how many workplace professionals get tripped up on this question. Many job searchers are not sure how to properly handle this question. So, I am going to give you the step by step process for how […]