Change Today’s Choices, Change Your Life

Why do smart, capable people struggle? Why do we settle for less than our best? Why do years go by and that thing we want to change about our life remains the same? It’s not lack of knowledge. Why have more information, solutions, tips, and advice we could ever hope to curate in a lifetime.

How to make better choices starting today

It’s not from lack of goals. At the beginning of every year millions of people establish new goals. This year will be different, they say. Yet, we abandon them so quickly and settle back into a mediocre life. I’m just as guilty. I’ve allowed goals to turn into wishes. I’ve placed more attention on the future than in this present moment today.

Ephesians 5:15 tells us, “So be careful how you live. Don’t live like fools, but like those who are wise.” So, it begs the question: “How then do we live like those who are wise?”

It’s in today’s choices.

You’ll make many decisions today. If you truly desire to change your life, then change today’s choices. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Stop trying to figure everything out as it relates to your business, career, relationships, spiritual life, and finances. Just focus on your choices today.

What would happen if you chose to live wisely just for today? In other words, let tomorrow wait for tomorrow. Forget the need to have a well-thought out plan and just make the right choice for today.

 The One Question That Changes Everything

What’s the wise choice right now?

Our future hopes and dreams are disconnected from the reality of our choices today. That’s why smart, capable people struggle in certain areas of their life. In order for you to make the wise choice today, you’ll need two things.

1. Awareness must become king.

Without awareness your mind will run it’s old pattern. Where there is no awareness, there is no hope for change. We become blinded to this present moment when awareness is not our highest priority. We forget the long term impact that a daily choice can make.

When awareness is not our highest priority:

  • Our relationships suffer because the world revolves around our own agenda
  • Our spiritual life suffers because we have no God thoughts throughout the day
  • Our financial life suffers because we spend for want and not for need
  • Our work life suffers because we are not fully engaged in work that inspires us

2. Courage must become queen.

Once awareness becomes king, what’s next? First, you may feel some pain. An agitation will exist because change is coming. We can’t simply run our old patterns to get where we want to be. After awareness, courage is needed. Courage is often only celebrated in the limelight. But courage is more than making a courageous choice in the midst of a fearful situation.

Real courage is in making the wise choice right now, today. What would happen if we celebrated courage in the small, tiny choices we made today?

Question: How about you? What helps you to make the wise choice today? You can leave a comment by clicking here.



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    One thought on “Change Today’s Choices, Change Your Life

    1. The wise choice for me begins in stillness. When I start the day in meditation and prayer and not FEAR, which leads to activity not growth then I am on the right path. So in being aware of my place and being brave and believing I go forward. The dreams, hopes desires are all there, arriving when the time is right. God’s time not mine and there is where a wise choice for me is Patience. #Bless