Developing the Art of Slowing Down with Jeff Goins [Podcast]

When’s the last time you slowed down and just enjoyed the moment? Laughing on the front porch swing with friends? Enjoying a home cooked meal and conversation with family around the dinner table? Has your hurried life caused you to miss out on the beauty of an average moment?

the in-between book review jeff goins

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with author Jeff Goins. He just released a great book about this very topic called The In-Between: Embracing the Tension Between Now and the Next Big Thing.

Inside this podcast episode, we talk about living life in-between the panels, celebrating the average moments in life, and just learning the art of slowing down.



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Developing the Art of Slowing Down with Jeff Goins

Here are a few of the questions and topics we discus on this podcast episode:

1. I love the mental imagery you share at the beginning of the book about “life between the panels.” Can you explain what that means?

2. Why is it so difficult for us to wait or even pause in life?

“What if we fell in love with the in-between times, relishing instead of resenting them.” – Jeff Goins

3. How do you fall in love with the in-between times in life?

“Perhaps, the abundant life we’ve been seeking has little to do with big events and comes in a subtler form: embracing the pauses in between major beats.” – Jeff Goins

4. In a world that often pushes us into the fast lane, how can we develop the discipline of slowing down?

5. Can you talk about the Slow Down Challenge you are doing on your blog?

Question: What are you currently doing to intentionally slow down and enjoy the moment? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


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    6 thoughts on “Developing the Art of Slowing Down with Jeff Goins [Podcast]

    1. Acceptance of where I am today, or even in this particular set of 5 minutes, is one of the most difficult things for me. Rather than being nostalgic or waiting for the next thing, stopping and embracing life, especially in more difficult times is always a struggle (to put it lightly). But I do this in good times too, not fully embracing the moment. Last week I was told that life, like a yoga pose, can be challenging. Instead of thinking about your muscles burning and your lungs gasping center your mind on where you are now and be present.

      • That is a great example Eric. The downside to ambitious types like us is we can easily take our eyes off of today because the hill we want to climb in front of us is more exciting. Good thoughts, friend.

    2. When you graduate from college you feel the need to just get up to speed and jump in the fastlane for your career. Then you want to get married, have kids, run to soccer games. It is so easy to focus on the next BIG thing and so hard to enjoy where you are right now. Thanks Jonathan and Jeff!

    3. Love this! I really need to work on slowing down and enjoy the simple moments in life. I need to get this book!