Double Your Productivity in 4 Weeks!

I have always been a student of productivity and time management. Ever since I read 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, I never looked at life the same way again.

From there, I went on to read influential productivity books like Work the System, Getting Things Done, Do the Work, 18 Minutes, and The Power of Less. I do not talk about it a whole lot on this blog but I also run a time management/personal productivity blog called Simple Life Habits.

Most recently, I have even had the privilege of being featured on Life hacker. I have hundreds of blog posts that I have added on the blog over the last few years, so I decided it was time to place it into a logical productivity system that others can follow.

The Get Productive Challenge!


This is a free online course you can take to increase your productivity. I have logical divided the coursework into 4 modules.

  1. Module #1: Get Organized – the goal of the first week is to get you moving and feeling success.
  2. Module #2: Get the Mindset – I share with you the best productivity principles from some of the best books.
  3. Module #3: Get the Systems – This section is all about setting up the right systems and developing some simple habits.
  4. Module #4: Get It Done – An exact daily plan for getting things done (whether you work for yourself or for someone else).
If you are looking to increase your productivity, then come join the Get Productive Challenge. You can also grab the RSS feed or sign up on the email list to receive the free course by email.

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