Get More Done with Just-in-Time Learning

I was listening to a podcast recently on the subject of how to get things done as it relates to online business. I heard a time management concept that was new to me. It really resonated with me as I can see how I have wasted valuable ti e in my online business by not applying this principle more regularly. The concept is just-in-time learning. I had heard of just-in-time applied to many other areas but not to the aspect of learning.

One of my core strengths is that I am a learner. I love to soak up new ideas, concepts, and thoughts and translate that into workable solutions for both my personal and professional life. Maybe you are like me and you are a “learner” too. Learning can feel like progress and while this could be true to a point, nothing really happens until we apply those things we have learned.

Benefits of Just-in-Time Learning

Learn only what is necessary in the moment. This is probably the biggest benefit to learning this way. In other words, only spend time learning something that you plan to implement right away. Cut out the desire to learn everything you can possibly learn from every kind of strategy that exists. For now, just do research and learn on something that you are going to take immediate action on.

Balance your learning to action ratio. If you spend 1 hour learning something online, find a way to spend one hour taking action on what you have learned. This will help you to keep your learning balanced and keep you moving forward. For example, if you want to learn how to produce videos and publish them on YouTube, then spend one hour learning the process and then one hour actually implementing what you learned. Keep track of how much time you are spending learning new things so you can balance things out.

Accelerate your action ratio. Eventually, you will be better to take twice as much action as learning. The good ratio is more like 1:2 or even 1:3 if possible. So, for ever hour you spend learning something, you spend 3 hours actually taking some action.

I hope you will try to implement just-in-time learning to your work schedule and get more done!

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