GP 1 – Declutter Your Creative Space

30 day get productive challengeWelcome to the Get Productive Challenge! My hope and prayer is that you will dedicate 15-30 minutes a day on this program. If you do, you will most certainly see your productivity soar. There is no greater feeling than momentum, being in the flow, and accomplishing goals.

The focus over the next few days will be all about “getting organized.” Each day I am going to give you what I call a Get It Done Task. The Get It Done Task is to be accomplished that day and will not take longer than 10-30 minutes. Some of the tasks you may have already set in place. If so, it will just be a good review for you.

Take a moment now and watch today’s video. It gives you a good overview of where we are are going in this program. In addition, I describe for you the Get It Done Task of Day 1.


If you do not see the video above, watch Declutter Your Creative Space directly on YouTube.

Day 1: Declutter Your Creative Space

Our physical environment can affect our internal thoughts and motivations.

Today is all about taking a few moments and decluttering your creative space. It doesn’t really matter where you work, you need to do this. Your creative space is wherever you spend the most time working. It could be your home office, office cubicle, or office at work.

When your creative space is out of order, disorganized, or cluttered, it can hamper your creativity. Now, there are those who avoid work by over organizing their space. Hopefully, you understand the difference. What I don’t want you to do is to spend 4-6 hours organizing your space. At least not all at once.

Put a time limit on this task. Your Get It Done Task for today is as follows:

GP1: Get It Done Task

Set a timer for 15-30 minutes and declutter your creative space.

Make this a competition for yourself. Do not get “bogged down” into re-organizing your physical filing system. I want you to focus on movement and not details at this point. Some things you can do to de-clutter include:

  • Grab a trash bag and fill it up as much as possible
  • Find a central location for things out of place that you still need to keep (ex. physical inbox) save this for latter processing
  • Return items that you borrowed that are not yours
  • Rearrange items on your desk or clear them away all together if you really have no practical use for them.

I think you get the point. Remember today’s goal is about movement. Do this and you will be ready for tomorrow’s task!

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    4 thoughts on “GP 1 – Declutter Your Creative Space

    1. I can see my desk!  There is a huge sense of peace having filed a few things, added others to binders and made a plan for the day’s work.  I was surprised at how much I got done in such a small window of time.  The timer is very motivating.  Thanks for the challenge!!

    2. Well, I’m going to do it for 20min as soon as I wake up tomorrow morning. This is a great motivation, I’m always too lazy to clean up my desk..

      • Go for it! I always feel better once I take action and clear my physical environment. Jonathan