GP3 – Creating a Simple Life Plan

30 day get productive challengeIf you are just happening upon the course, we are on day 3 of the Get Productive series. It is a month long challenge for you to take with the promise of doubling your productivity. If you haven’t read the previous two installments, here they are:

Assuming you have decided on those areas of focus in your life, we are going to take a “big picture” view of your life. It is important for you to every once in awhile “climb the tree” so you can see where you are and be sure that you are going in the direction you want to go. I like the analogy that David Allen uses in Getting Things Done. He describes it as looking at your life in different altitudes. Below is my version of his concept using the Get Productive Method we are covering in this course.

  • 30,000 ft. view – Your Simple Life Plan
  • 20,000 ft view – Areas of Focus
  • 10,000 ft view – 90 Day Goals (yet to be covered)
  • Runway – Get it Done – Using a Simple Productivity System (yet to be covered)

Watch this video for a better explanation to this concept and hopefully it will connect the dots for you.

If you cannot see the video above, watch Creating a Simple Life Plan directly on YouTube.

Get It Done Now Task – Creating a Simple Life Plan

There are many resources out there that teach you how to write a thorough Life Plan. There is nothing wrong with taking that approach if you have the time. I would recommend that you follow Michael Hyatt’s Life Plan Template.

My goal for you today is to write a simplified version of a Life Plan. It does not have to be perfect and we can always update it later. We are going to take your areas of focus that you worked on yesterday and write out simple definitions of what we ultimately want in these areas of our life.

Remember this:

Direction, not intention, determines your destination.

This is a quote that I read for Andy Stanley’s book the Principle of the Path. I believe it to the core of my being. You cannot behave one way and expect to end up somewhere else. Your life plan will tell you the destination that you want to go. Now all you need to do is make adjustments to fit those key areas into your weekly schedule. Simple as that.

My task for you today is to download the Simple Life Plan PDF by clicking here.

Take some time today to print this out and get your initial life plan on paper.



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