Have You Ever Had a Mastermind Moment?

No one likes the feeling of being stuck, yet each of us have been there. You’re in a fog. A string of cloudy days one after another. Then, it happens. A thought, comment, or suggestion sparks an idea. The fog begins to lift and for the first time in awhile clarity comes to visit.

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I like to call these “mastermind moments.”

I call them mastermind moments because they often take place on one of our mastermind calls. Every Thursday afternoon, I meet with seven other amazing people. We bring our “fog” and leave with “clarity.”

Before I started a mastermind group, I was left to myself. Total isolation is the way I explain it. I did it to myself. I pursued the dream of working from home and working for myself. Over the course of a few years I had built that bridge to working for myself only to get to the other side alone.

I decided to invite a community of inspiring entrepreneurs into my world and it’s been the single best thing I have done. Allow me to introduce one of my friends.

Chad Allen of Book Proposal Academy

Chad has become a dear friend of mine over the past year. I’m currently enrolled in his Book Proposal Academy and loving it. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it takes to get the attention of a traditional book publisher then you need to get in on the next round of Book Proposal Academy.

book proposal academy

Chad’s Mastermind Moment

Where did Chad’s idea for Book Proposal Academy come from? It actually came from one of our Mastermind Group Sessions. Watch the video below as Chad explains his Mastermind Moment.

mastermind main video pic thumbnail 200I’m so passionate about mastermind groups that I think every person should be in one. I’ve created an entire online course (over 35+ videos) on how you can launch and grow your business by starting a mastermind group.

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Question: Have you ever had a mastermind moment? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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    5 thoughts on “Have You Ever Had a Mastermind Moment?

    1. Jonathan, I love the way you articulated this portion, “… I meet with seven other amazing people. We bring our ‘fog’ and leave with ‘clarity.'”

      I have yet to start a mastermind group however the one person I know I want a part is coming to my office on Tuesday to help me bring clarity to the fog of my first online course. I could not be more excited.

      Thanks for sharing all this good stuff and helping guys like me. It’s appreciated.

    2. Jonathan, when I downloaded the PDF, I got some serious goosebumps! I am in the process of thinking through a mastermind and this is great stuff you have. In addition, your theme is so close to my leadership coaching program that I nearly freaked out.

      I’m also planning to take my leadership coaching online (and also on a mobile app once I get the initial momentum going). Let me know if I can drop you an email with the program outline. Would love to hear your thoughts. In the meantime, I am thoroughly enjoying the “Circle of Wisdom”.