How Our Fear Controls, Guides, and Directs Our Lives and What to Do About It

3 Simple Strategies to Living a Better Life

Ninety-Five percent of the state of Idaho’s water supply comes from underground. The Big Lost River, Snake River and other rivers begin in the Rocky Mountains and collect in the Snake River Aquifer. It’s an amazing 400-mile underground water supply. You don’t see it on the surface, but it’s there.

How Our Fear Controls Guides and Directs Our Lives

I was having a conversation with someone recently. They wanted to grow to the next level in their life but they felt stuck. The challenge was they couldn’t identify the issue. Have you been there? Maybe you wanted to grow to the next level in your life but you were unsure what the main constraint was that was holding you back.

She decided to make this a matter of priority, prayer,  and an acute awareness of her thoughts.  In order to do this, we have to follow the smoke back to the fire. What’s the issue beneath the issue? It’s easy to see and identify the smoke but what’s causing the smoke? This takes time.

Over the next few weeks after much thought and prayer, she was able to see that all of her limiting thoughts pointed to an underlying issue of fear in her life.

She is not alone. Fear reigns in most of our hearts. It controls, guides, and directs us like an underground aquifer. It’s a massive underground water supply. Only difference is that it’s a contaminated water source. We need to rid it.

This is certainly easier said than done and while I’m not a trained psychologist or counselor, let me give you some practical tips that I shared with her.

1. Understand the two types of fear

There’s healthy fear and unhealthy fear. Healthy fear is when the lion escapes the zoo and your mind tells you to run. This type of fear represents 5% of our thoughts in our lifetime. Unhealthy fear is all of the rejection, worry, uncertainty of the future that we allow to run free in our minds. It fills the aquifer in our life and controls every thought, action and decision. Unhealthy fear often represents 95% of our thoughts in our lifetime.

2. Stop forward thinking and live in the present

The unhealthy fear stems from us worrying and thinking too much about the future. Anytime you worry this week, analyze whether it is worry for today or worry for tomorrow. I believe 95% or our worry and fear comes from our thoughts of the future. By simply choosing to live for today, we can eliminate most of the worry in our lives.

3. Love conquers all fear

Brandon Hawk says that you are either living in a cycle of fear or a cycle of love. Now, it’s not a “sit and hold hands and sing Kumbaya” type of love. It’s more about living with enabling thoughts over limiting thoughts. Fear wants to isolate you, shut you down and keep you from living to your full potential in life. Living in a cycle of love is enabling and not limiting. It’s frees you to be at your best self for both yourself and for others.

By allowing your mind to live in the present, you’ll worry less, fear less, and accomplish more. You’ll accomplish more in your relationships because you’re fully there. You’ll accomplish more in your life because you are free from the heavy burden of fear.


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