004: How to Believe in and Grow Your Talents [Podcast]

A few months ago I  hiked a section of the Appalachian Trail. It was beautiful and quiet. The section of the trail we hiked was mostly uphill. The trail was covered in big rocks, which required you to pay attention to each step along the way. It reminded me of a quote I heard at a recent talk. John Maxwell said, “Success is uphill all the way.” So it is with growing your talents.

how to believe in and grow your talents

You were born with talents. You have certain abilities and strengths that make you unique. One of the great journeys of this life is the discovery of one’s talents. However, discovering your talent is only one leg of the journey. Believing in and growing your talent separates you from the crowd.

In this podcast, we discuss 5 simple ways you can grow your talents. All of us have areas of strength. Do you use yours to its highest and best use?

How to Believe in and Grow Your Talents


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The process is not easy, but it is simple. If you want to be at your best, it takes 3 steps:

  1. Discovering your talents.
  2. Believing in your talents.
  3. Growing your talents.

In this blog post, I am assuming you already have some insights as to what your talents are. The real question then becomes: “Where do I go from here?” I have just a few tips to offer you.

Be willing to put yourself out there

No one ever accomplished anything great who hid their talents. In fact, many believe that you can lose them if you do not use them. It requires courage for you to put yourself out there. You may receive criticism. You might be told you are not good enough. However, accepting feedback, taking courage and making adjustments when needed is where the successful live.

“No one ever accomplished anything great who hid their talents.” tweet that

Learn from each experience along the way

Never de-value any milestone, setback, or goal. Don’t have your eyes so set on the end goal that you miss the little things along the way. While on our Appalachian trail hike, we walked past cool rocks, interesting creatures, and amazing trees. There are so many advantages to slowing down and taking in where you are in the moment.

All successful people have failures

Have you noticed a common thread among successful people? They didn’t always get it right all of the time. Working in your strength area is not a guarantee for success. However, that is okay. As Zig Ziglar often says, “Failure is not a person, it is an event.” Along our hike, we also saw interesting shiny rocks called “Fool’s Gold.” On the path to success, you will leave behind fool’s gold. Things you thought would lead to success, but they just didn’t work out. No worries. It is just a part of the journey.

Write about your successes

What we don’t write down, we often miss. One of the best ways to grow your talent is through journaling. Journaling allows you to slow down, think about what you have done, and get clarity for the future. I wrote an entire post on the benefits of Morning Pages.

Set 90 day goals to improve your focus

A great way to make sure you are actively engaging your talents is to set short-term goals. For me, 90 day goals work best. Each quarter of the year, I set a few goals I want to accomplish in the next 90 days. This gives me laser focus on an obtainable goal that has a deadline.

Question: Are you actively growing your talents? Do you believe in your ability to succeed? What are you doing right now to engage your strengths? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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    8 thoughts on “004: How to Believe in and Grow Your Talents [Podcast]

    1. Wanted to express my appreciation for this post and for this entire service you offer. I am attempting to do something similar in Canada although my venture isn’t nearly as far along as yours. My wife is very interested in music and is presently in the process of working on her first album. The three steps you mentioned certainly ring true in this situation. All the best as you continue to encourage and inspire people in your growing sphere of influence!

    2. “Failure is not a person, it’s an event” is a statement that needs to be heard all over the world. I think it would put a new perspective on many people’s lives and maybe even get them to begin living for the moment without fear of failing again and again.

    3. The phrase “success is up hill all the way” is, with out question, so true. All that I have achieved has been a direct result of making a climb, falling down, skinning my knees and getting up and continuing the climb. I’m doing it again but this time I get it. There will be surprises, but I’ll keep climbing. 🙂

    4. It is easy to allow failures or the opinions of others to negatively influence your belief in yourself. Learn from those failures, set backs and struggles. Improve upon them and stay the course. I struggle in this area often. Thanks for posting on this.

      • Thanks Scott for your thoughts. Doubting ourselves is normal. Especially the negative talk that goes on in our heads.