How to Capitalize on Your Next Aha Moment

It often comes out of nowhere. It will surprise you. It’s one of those moments that require a smack to the forehead. It should have been obvious, yet it wasn’t. It shouldn’t be this simple, yet it is.

mastermind group launch
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It’s an aha moment. We call it a “Mastermind Moment.”

These special moments come from community. The more you hangout with other passionate people, the more you’ll grow way beyond your imagination.

Dale Callahan’s Mastermind Moment

Dale Callahan is a member of my mastermind group. I’d encourage you to check out what he is doing over at Dale is a university professor who’s personally built and sold companies. He is an entrepreneur at heart.

Networking for Introverts


One of the products Dale has released since Joining our mastermind group is Networking for Introverts. In this course, Dale outlines a simple, yet effective networking strategy that works even for the most introverted person.

In the video below, Dale shares his mastermind moment.


mastermind main video pic thumbnail 200I’m so passionate about mastermind groups that I think every person should be in one. I’ve created an entire online course (over 35+ videos) on how you can launch and grow your business by starting a mastermind group.

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    1. I’m grateful for Dale and Jonathan and their influence in my life and work. Honored to hang out with you every week in the Mastermind Group! You guys are awesome.