How to Discover Your Career Sweet Spot

Do you know your “sweet spot” when it comes to work? I often find that many people don’t have the first clue. Sometimes we discover our strengths over many years of trial and error.

We throw ourselves into work situations that don’t fit our strengths well and then we become frustrated with our lack of progress. We see other people in our same field and wonder why it seems so easy for them and yet hard for us. The raw truth is that they are in their sweet spot and you are not.

You are not in your sweet spot if:

  • You are constantly procrastinating on your work
  • You are missing deadlines even though they were agreed on ahead of time
  • You need a lot of accountability in order to get your work done
  • You lack energy or excitement about your work

Most of the time we try to solve this by going about it the wrong way:

  • Reading books on overcoming procrastination
  • As a manager, we try to implement more accountability structures in the organization
  • We think that all we need is a vacation only to come back to the same mess we don’t really want to deal with

Playing in Your Top 5 Strengths

My strengthsfinderSeveral years ago, I participated in a survey that radically changed the way I was viewing my work. The book is called Strengths Finder 2.0 and is designed to identify your top 5 strengths.

The goal then becomes to navigate your day so that you are spending the majority of your day working in those top 5 strengths. The results for me have been phenomenal. I no longer struggle with procrastination. Now my struggle is knowing when to stop working. Work and play have been merged together for me. You can have the same result.

Understanding How Your Top 5 Strengths Work Together

I want to share with you another recent discovery I have had with my top 5 strengths. Here is the question I asked that caused the light bulb to turn on:

Is there an overarching theme among my top 5 strengths?

The closer I looked into this I began to see some interesting patterns. My top 5 strengths are:

  1. Maximizer – I like to take people and things and improve them
  2. Learner – I have a passion for learning and discovery
  3. Futuristic – I love to see how things can be better (vision)
  4. Focus – I love to help others see what’s most important and reduce the waste
  5. Strategic – I love to develop a defined step by step process for reaching goals

Let me share with you the relation I see between my top strengths so that you might be able to do something similar. The Learner strength fuels everything I do. It is the reason I most love to blog and coach. I want to share with others the things I am learning. The Maximizer strength means that I don’t want to keep the learning to myself but I have a strong desire to see others’ situations improve.

The Futuristic, Focus, and Strategic strengths tell me that I don’t just dispense info to others hoping that something sticks to the wall. I enjoy helping them see the possibilities (futuristic), establish priorities (focus), and develop a clear path (strategic).

See how they all work together confirming for me that I am in my sweet spot?

Question: How does your top 5 strengths relate together? Share your top 5 strengths below and let us help you!

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    2 thoughts on “How to Discover Your Career Sweet Spot

    1. Very true and accurate picture of what happens in your work life. I believe your work ethic can carry over to other aspects of your life.

      Jonathan, I am not sure why, but it has to be pretty important to me for me not to procrastinate I hate putting things off however, sometimes my sanity comes first.

      • Hi Michael, thanks for your thoughtful comments. Usually the things I am procrastinating on are either because I am fearful or I am not working in my strengths….so I avoid it.