031: How to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts [Podcast]

Negativity can creep up in our lives without us even realizing it. Sometimes negativity causes us to be quiet, irritable, stressed, or restless. If you are going to live a vibrant life, then you have to learn how to get rid of negative thoughts.

How To Get Rid of Negative Thoughts

The first key is  awareness. Our thoughts can almost be on auto-pilot without even realizing it. These negative thoughts can weigh on our spirit and pull our emotions down. Before we know it, we get into a downward spiral. Things suddenly become worse than they really are in reality.

Awareness helps us to get in tune with these emotions well before we get further down the funnel. Once you are aware of the negative thoughts, you can begin to take steps to get on the right track. Here are some things that I do when I want to get rid of negative thoughts…

How to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts [Podcast]


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Spend some time alone reading the Scriptures

The book of Psalms is a great place to go when you feel in a negative mood. For one, the writer holds nothing back about the negative feelings he is having about life. He tells God everything that is going on in his heart and spirit.

At the same time, you always see a shift happening in these psalms. Once the writer gets his focus off of his thoughts and instead thinks about God and how awesome He is, he begins to change his negative thoughts. By reading 5 Psalms a day you can get all the way through the book of Psalms in a month.

Decide to journal and get it all out

Sometimes when we have all of these negative thoughts swirling in our head it helps to get them out on paper. Journaling can be incredibly enlightening as overtime you see the same trends appearing in your life. It also is a way to get it all out. When you journal, do not be concerned with spelling or grammar, just get out when is in your mind.

Slow down and enjoy the moment

Other times our negative thoughts are self-inflicted. By that I mean that we have brought the negativity on ourselves and not because there is anything really bad happening in our life.

The negative thoughts come about because we are frustrated with the lack of progress we have in our lives. In times like these, we can benefit from taking a deep breath and just slowing down for a bit. We, as Americans, live life at a rapid pace. We bring on most of the stress in our lives by how we choose to live.

Learn the habit of slowing down. Laugh with a friend, play board games with the kids, watch the sunset, spend an evening fishing in a nearby lake. Just slow down.

Go on a walk with a friend

Talking through the thoughts in our head can be a great thing as well. Go on a walk with someone you enjoy being around and tell them everything that is going on between your two ears. Just by doing this you will come up with solutions to your own problems. It is funny how different our negativity sounds when we verbalize it.

Question: What do you do when negative thoughts dominate your mind? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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    5 thoughts on “031: How to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts [Podcast]

    1. Great article! Thanks for sharing! One technique I use for getting rid of negative thoughts is writing down the negative thought, and then writing down a more realistic, positive thought to replace the negative one! This really helps with awareness of thoughts too!

      • I agree Erin. Oftentimes we are not aware of the negative thoughts that pull us down. Writing them down is a great idea.

      • Hi Miriam, that is a great practice. My wife writes down verses on a 3×5 card and places them everywhere. In the mirror in the bathroom, in the bathroom cabinet, on the refrigerator, in the car dashboard. It is a great on-going reminder of God’s promises and His love for us.