Day 14 – How to Get Your Resume to Rank in Google

Today is the final step in module #2 Brand Yourself. Next week we will move into how to market yourself and begin uncovering hidden positions. I want to encourage you to follow-thru on today’s exercise. I recently encouraged a CFO to implement this strategy and hae saw over 200+ views of his resume within 48 hours.

What I also love about this strategy is that it doesn’t “broadcast” that you are actively looking like posting your resume into the CareerBuilder or Monster resume database does.

What you may not realize is that there are employers and recruiters who like to use Google to search for candidates for their open jobs. Do you show up in the search results. If you are a CPA in Atlanta, wouldn’t be nice if you showed up in the top results for “CPA Resume Atlanta” or “CPA Resume 404.” Employers and recruiters search by industry buzz words along with location or area code. Taking the right steps to show up at the top of search results can benefit you now if you are out of work and down the road when you are a “passive searcher.”

It does require a bit of work to set things up, but the work will pay off as you are able to benefit from the brand positioning that you have given yourself. I also recommend that you take many of the same steps with Linkedin as well. Headhunters and hiring managers are using Linkedin to search for candidates there too. So, the big question is how do you get your resume to show up in Google? Here are the steps:

Day 14 – How to Get Your Resume to Rank in Google

How to rank your resume in Google1. Make sure your resume is filled with industry buzzwords. It is important that you do this whether you decide or not to post your resume out there for Google to find it. When you apply online most resume get placed into a keyword searchable database. This means that they can find you given that you have the right words on your resume. Take some time to think about the buzz words that exist in your industry and see how you can work those into your resume.

2. Use to upload your resume. I like DocStoc for a few different reasons, but when working with a resume, it is as simple as uploading a file. Most people run into trouble when trying to set up their resume on a webpage. The formatting looks different or it just does not look as professional. Using a site like DocStoc will allow you to keep your resume format in tact as you can upload it as a PDF. The reason you want to do this is because all of the content on your PDF will get indexed by Google. Allowing for searchers to find you.

3. After a few days check your rankings. You can use a site like to check your rankings and see if you are showing up high in the results. #1 spot is ideal and something you want to get. Do a search based on a buzz word and location such as area code or city name. If you want to improve your rankings go to the next step.

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4. Obtain links to boost your rankings (optional). This is an old SEO strategy and it stills works well. You need to get some links pointing back to your original DocStoc page. Copy the URL in the address bar where your resume resides in DocStoc. Then look for various sites that you can post this link to. Linkedin and Twitter come to mind. You could also write a short article about your industry on a site like and place a link in the bio to your resume on DocStoc. You can post a link in blog comments or even forums. After you have posted some links, give it a few days and see how your rankings turn out. Over time your rankings will improve.

Those are the steps that you need to take to get your resume to show up in Google. If you need more one on one guidance, I do have limited spots available for career coaching or I have even been asked if I offered a Do-It-For-You service when it comes to the above mentioned steps. If you have an interest in that, feel free to contact me on my about page.

DO IT NOW Task – Upload Your Resume to DocStoc

At the very least, I want to encourage you to go over to DocStoc and upload your resume as mentioned above. This is another branding strategy for you to use. Some of you may feel uncomfortable leaving contact information. I understand. In that case, just post an email address that you create or post your Linkedin profile link so they can get in tough with you if they would like.

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