How to Have a Bright Future When Your World Seems Dark

I was barely able to walk under my own power to receive my high school diploma. 

Do you remember what it was like to be a graduate? Whether it was high school or college, there was a buzz in the air. It was both a feeling of accomplishment and an anticipation about the future.

A new chapter of your life was beginning. A new hope, a new challenge, a new future was all awaiting you. The day before my high school graduation, the doctor released me to walk without crutches. 

Four months earlier, I was on the basketball court fighting for a chance to win the state championship in Indiana. Little did I know in the third quarter my life was about to change forever.

While going after a loose ball, I broke both bones in my lower right leg. The break was so severe it required a metal rod and two pins in my leg. In an instant, my bright future turned into a dark wandering. 

My hopes of a college basketball scholarship was gone in an instant and I faced an uncertain future. My new goals in life became super simple.

I just wanted to walk without crutches to get my diploma for my high school graduation.

Maybe your life has had its own twists and turns. Sudden, unforeseen events send you in a whole new direction or no direction at all.

What are we to do in times of darkness to return to a bright future?  

The only answer is to pursue wisdom.

It may sound abstract but pursuing wisdom is the most practical thing you can do today. 

In Andy Stanley’s book The Best Question Ever, he offers a practical question you can use in your everyday decision making. 

“In light of my past experiences, my current responsibilities, and my future hopes and dreams, what’s the wise thing to do?”

When you answer that question in a positive way enough days in a row, your hopes will not be cut short and you’ll have a bright future. We can also say it this way:

How can I be so confident that this is true and will come to pass in your own life? Because this principle is rooted in Jewish wisdom and Biblical teaching. 

Prov. 24:14 states: “If you find wisdom you’ll have a bright future and your hopes will not be cut short.”

So today, if you feel as if your dreams have been crushed and your hopes dashed, while you may not know what direction to go from here, you can be confident of your next step.

Pursue wisdom today.

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