How to Have Jobs Find You! [Webinar]

Did you know it is possible to have employers & recruiters calling you about jobs? Let me show you how. I have been working 1 on 1 for quite some time sharing a strategy of how to have jobs find you. I think it should be a part of ever professional’s toolbox in my opinion. You do not even have to be aggressively looking for a job to use this tips and techniques.

One of the main reason that you are not getting responses from the job board is because you are going about this all wrong. Recruiters and hiring managers love to use Linkedin to search for candidates for the opening. Do you know how to show up in the top of the search results on Linkedin?

Headhunters and HR professionals love to use Google to search for resumes on the open jobs. Does your resume come up in the search results? If not, you are missing out on a golden opportunity. Not only can this system help you in the short term but it is an awesome long term strategy as well. Some of the best job opportunities come up when you are not even really looking for a new job.

Webinar this Thursday Night!

I am offering a one time webinar (not sure if I will offer this again at a large scale). In a 90 minute webinar, I will share with you a step by step game plan for how to set-up this whole system. By taking these action steps, you can begin to have employers calling you about job opportunities. I will leave nothing out about how this is done.

What you will learn….

Linkedin Secrets

  • How to Show Up at the Top of the Linkedin Search Results – You need to understand how the Linkedin search feature works. Once you know what it takes to show up at the top of the results, the rest is easy.
  • How to SEO Optimize Your Linkedin Profile – SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. I will show you how to select the right industry buzzwords for your career field and then show you the importance of keyword density.
  • Top 10 Buzzwords to Avoid on Your Linkedin Profile – There are some over-used buzzwords on many Linkedin profiles. Do not use these filler words as it can damage your chances.
  • How to Grow a Targeted Network Fast on Linkedin – I want to share with a fantastic way to grow your network quickly. This is better than just connecting with anyone. I will show you how to do this in a much more targeted way.
  • How to Expand Your Linkedin Network by Over 500+ Contacts – It is important that you begin to expand your contacts as quickly as possible. Once you get over 500+ contacts you have the ability to search up to 90% of the names on Linkedin.

Google Search Secrets

  • How to Get Your Resume to Rank on the 1st Page of Google for Your Keywords – Since 2004, I have used search engines to try an find resumes for open positions. Recruiters and HR Professionals love to find “passive” candidates by using sites like Google. What they do is search for buzz words and either area code or city. You need to learn how to show up at the top of the search results.
  • Why You Should Use – I will give you an example of why Google likes DocStoc and how you can use it along with your resume to show up in the Google search results.

Resume Secrets

  • What “Above the Fold” Means & Why It is Crucial – This is my biggest tip when it comes to getting noticed with your resume. I will show you one of my favorite resume templates and why it works so well.
  • How to Get Your Resume to the “Top of the Pile” in Database Searches – It is also important that you understand that when you apply online 90% of the time your resume goes right into a resume database. In order for you to get a call, you need to have a resume that is optimized for the database.
How Much Will This Cost Me?


I have intentionally set the cost for this webinar low for a few reasons. First, because I want to make this info accessible to as many people as possible. Unemployment is still teetering at 10% nationwide and I want to help as many people as possible.


Secondly, I normally charge much more to dispense this info 1-on-1 and I want to see how things would go in a bigger group environment. Others have paid me hundreds of dollars for this same info that I am making available to you for only $7.00.


Will the Webinar Be Recorded?


Yes, if the time does not work for you, but you want to view the 90 minute webinar on your own time. I will be emailing a link to the recording to all of the attendees that have signed up. So, even if you cannot make it live, you can still get access to all of the info.


What Do I Need to Do to Register?


The webinar only has 100 spots available. At the time of this writing there are under 50 spots left. All you need to do to reserve your spot is following the registration instructions below. Can’t wait to share this info with you!


How to Have Jobs Find You [Webinar]

Thursday, Sept. 15th, 9:00 PM EST

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