A 30 Day Guide on How to Launch a Mastermind Group [PDF]

Total isolation. That’s how I felt at the beginning of 2013. I had left a successful career as an Executive Search Consultant to pursue my passion for blogging. I went from spending the majority of my work day connecting with people to isolation in my home office.

How to Launch a mastermind group

At first, this was a welcomed break. Less people demanding of my time felt good. The ability to have creative freedom was just the jolt of inspiration I needed.

Becoming increasingly isolated was not. Even though I had built several income streams in my online business, I knew I was hitting a potential plateau. Have you ever felt like you were hitting a potential plateau?

“A potential plateau is when you have a lid on your potential that only others can lift for you.”

So, I did it. I chose just one word that would be my theme for 2013 – connection.

I desperately needed to surround myself with other passionate people who were headed in the same direction. In a matter of 30 days, I launched a mastermind group that has met weekly for over 16 months.

My life has never been the same.

I want the same for you.

“The next best thing to being wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are. -C.S. Lewis”

Circle of Wisdom: A 30 Day Guide on How to Launch a Mastermind Group

I have put together a simple 30 day guide you can use to launch a mastermind group of your own. In this guide, I distill for you the essential steps you should take to form your own life-altering mastermind group. Here is a summary of what this guide contains:

1402605383_7_idea_lightbulb_game_design_flat_iconWeek 1: Learn

Most people launch mastermind groups the wrong way. If you’ve ever been part of one that fizzled out, it’s probably because the leader didn’t think through a few critical questions:

  • Where am I headed?
  • Where do I need to grow?
  • What do I have to give?

Arriving at answers to these essential questions before you start forming your mastermind group will lead you to ultimate success.

1402605315_comment_speech_bubble_message_marketing_business_flat_icon_symbolWeek 2: Listen

Next you will need to add the right members to the group. Don’t make the mistake of pitching your idea to a bunch of people in hopes that a few will say yes. Having less of the right people in your group is better than more of the wrong people.

I think you should treat the on-boarding process of your group like you would if you were hiring an employee. Have an intentional process of listening to determine who the right members are. This isn’t just for your sake, but for the ultimate benefit of the entire team.

You can listen by answering these questions:

  • Where are my ideal members already hanging out?
  • Would I consider them to be a growth friend?
  • What strengths do they bring that can benefit the group as a whole?

You don’t need to over analyze this process, but placing a bit of intentionality to your on-boarding process will make leading and managing a group much easier.

“Having less of the right people in your mastermind group is better than more of the wrong people.”

1402605380_23_rocket_start_game_design_flat_iconWeek 3: Launch

Once you have your ideal members on board, you need set up your group for success from day one. My group is completely managed online, but we do make an effort to meet each other in person a few times a year. To launch out of the gate with a good start, answer these questions:

  • What’s the easiest way for us to collaborate and share?
  • How often should we meet?
  • What’s a simple meeting structure that’s repeatable?

If you want the exact meeting structure I use with my group, then be sure to grab the complete 30 day launch guide.

                          Week 4: Lead


If you want your group to be successful, you must do this one thing well – lead with generosity. Generosity must become the currency of your mastermind group. In order to do this you as a leader must become the biggest giver.

Generosity becomes contagious.Sure this seems counter-intuitive at first. I know, you wanted to form the group for how it was going to benefit you personally and professionally. maybe you are thinking your schedule is already full of people you are helping. However, an amazing thing happens when you model generosity.

When each member strives to be the biggest giver in the mastermind group, you have a group that’s going places. I know this works because I have seen it first hand. I’m surrounded by the biggest group of givers I know.

“If you want your group to be successful, you must do one thing well – lead with generosity.”

Want to dive in deeper? Grab my free 30 day guide to launching a successful mastermind group by clicking here.

Question: Are you in a mastermind group? What’s been your experience? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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    1. Thanks for the info Jonathan! I have heard a lot of good things about masterminds, but I have never had the opportunity to take part in one. This gives me some great insight for starting my own.

    2. One thing I’ve come to know about you Jonathan is your generosity. I can only imagine what a group of big givers can do. Thanks for sharing what you’ve learnt.

    3. Great guide, thanks for taking the time to organize this! I love your point about having the RIGHT people. In my opinion this is both the most difficult and most important thing about forming a group. I started small by connecting with just one person, then added folks who “fit”. Our group is small but it works!

    4. This is a great article! Would you recommend mastermind groups if you are not an entrepreneur but a career professional?

    5. Love! Love! Love! this resource. I’m printing this PDF guide as we speak. Thanks Jonathan!